How To Clear Cache On iPhone & iPad

October 23, 2018

The best way to boost up the speed of an iPhone is to clear unwanted items piled up on your device. Being a user-friendly platform, there are very high chances for an iOS device to be clogged up with unwanted files and in turn, affects the overall performance. Here, let us have a look at how to clear cache on iPhone and iPad so as to make it run faster than ever. Apart from making it perform better, it lets iOS to concentrate on the tasks that you need to use. Read on further to know of how to clear cache on iPad thus optimizing your device to enhance overall performance. Before that let us understand some details about Cache and how does it affect the modern computers.

What is Cache?

If you own an iPhone or iPad for some time, then you would have probably noticed the device running slow gradually over time. Though there could be several reasons for the slow running of the iOS device, the common reason is the accumulation of cache. It is nothing but a temporary data stored by different websites thus making them work more efficiently. Taking up storage space for a cache is worthy enough, at the same time it is even important to clear the cache memory to free up some storage space. Considering the need, let us read on further to know more about how to clear cache on iPhone.

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Step 1: Clear Safari cache on iPhone/iPad

Start off clearing cache on iPhone/iPad by clearing out Safari Cache. Since browser cache takes enough storage space, it is worth to start with browser cache. Before deleting the cache data, be informed that this will make you log out from all the websites that you have logged in to. Below are the steps to clear Safari cache on iPhone & iPad. Head to settings to scroll down for the list of installed apps. Here, tap on Safari and in the Safari settings there will be an option to clear history and website data. Tap on it and confirm the command. Deleting safari Cache will clear history, cookies and other details from Cache.

how to clear cache on iphone

Step 2: Clear Third-party App Cache

The process of clearing cache of third-party apps differs from developer to developer. So, check for iOS settings before doing so. If the third-party apps do not feature the clear cache option, then deleting and reinstalling the app will be the best solution. If the app supports clear cache option, as you head to the app settings, you may see the option to reset cache on next launch or delete cache. To sort down the list of the third-party apps that take up enough storage, navigate through Settings-→ General-→ iPhone Storage. To get some extra storage space, kill those apps running in the background.

how to clear cache on iphone

Step 3: Reboot iPhone/iPad

While the necessary things are cleared from the iOS device, the next step is to restart the iOS device to free up storage space. This is quite an essential step when you feel that the iPhone performance is a bit sluggish. Just press and hold the power button to reboot the handset.

Step 4: Install iPhone Cleaner Apps

Now that you understood how to clear cache on iPad, it is even better to download proper iPhone cleaner apps to get rid of the unnecessary files. This is the fastest method to clear up memory. There exist several best iPhone cleaner apps that accomplish the task of clearing out memory effectively without affecting system performance.

how to clear cache on iphone

So, this is how to clear cache on iPhone. But remember that this is not the task that needs to be done regularly. As many apps rely on cache data to run smoothly. In case you clear cache data often then it may affect the app performance. In case you feel like you are lacking storage in iPhone or iPad, then clearing cache can help out.

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