How To Check Your PC’s Full Specification On Windows 10

December 8, 2019

Is your PC/laptop is running on Windows 10? Want to know a little more specifications beyond RAM, hard drive and processor? Worry not! You can find full specifications of your system such as graphics, sound cards, CPU, network adapter and more. These are quite critical to the PC operation. Here, in this article, we share a few methods that can help find the detailed specifications including hardware and software. Also, these are essential to troubleshoot or upgrade your PC. This can help choose the better device according to your needs. Before proceeding further first let us have a look at how to ;

How To Check Your PC’s Full Specifications On Windows 10

View Basic Computer Specs Through System Properties

One of the most common methods that let to check basic Windows 10 PC specifications is using System Properties. Through this method, you can go through basic computer specs such as Windows 10 edition and other system information.

– Right-click on the Windows desktop to choose properties.

– This opens up the system window. Select computer specs Windows 10.

Check full specifications

– Here you can view basic information including the computer name, product ID, Windows edition, RAM, processor, system type, Windows activation status, and more.

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View Detailed Computer Specs Through System Information

Want to know more detailed specs of your Windows 10 PC/laptop, then you can achieve so using System Information.

– Press Windows+R at the same time from the keyboard. This opens up the Run window.

– Type msinfo32, and press Enter.

Windows 10 specifications

– This displays the System Information window. Alternatively, you can type in the “msinfo32.exe” in the start menu search box and press enter to view the similar system information.

Check Motherboard Details Using System Properties

You need not use any third-party applications to find the motherboard details and model. Follow these simple steps to check which motherboard your PC is using.

– Open Windows Windows Search bar and type in ‘System information’

– scroll down to the bottom to find ‘Motherboard Manufacturer’ or ‘BaseBoard Manufacturer’

Windows 10 specifications

-The Baseboard manufacturer displays the company of the Motherboard. And the Model tells the model number in which your system is running on.

This is how you can check detailed Windows 10 specifications using system information.

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Check Graphic Card Details Using System Properties

Well! Not all the methods specified above display the details of the graphics processor. In order to check GPU on your PC then here are simple steps to follow.

– Right-click on “My Computer”.

– Select Properties.

– On the system page, select Device Manager.

– Find the display adapter and expand the option to find the GPU that your system uses.

Windows 10 specifications

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View Computer Specs Using Command Prompt

Here is another method through which you can view system specs using the command prompt.

– Firstly, open up the command prompt. You can do it in two ways. Either press Windows + R and type cmd in Run window.

– Or click on the start button and type Command Prompt.

– Right-click on Command Prompt to select Run as administrator option.

– To check computer specs, next you can type in systeminfo and press enter.

Check Windows 10 specs

– Now, you can check Windows 10 specifications including OS/system information, network information, RAM, BIOS, Windows 10 update, and more.

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