How To Change IMEI Number For iPhone Without Jailbreak

September 21, 2019

Every smartphone that you purchase holds a unique identification number which is IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This is the identity of a mobile device that can recognize your smartphone over multiple cellular networks. We cannot even make a call without the IMEI number. Despite an important factor, still, some of the techniques and software tools allow you to modify/change, thus faking your real identity. Here, let us have a look at the straight forward process that allows changing the IMEI number for iPhone.

Using the ZiPhone Tool

One of the best IMEI changer tools for iPhone is ZiPhone. This tool is compatible with almost all the iPhone models including iPhone X. It is open supply unlocking software that lets to make adjustments or change the iPhone IMEI number within minutes. Below are the steps to change IMEI number of iPhones.

  • Click on the iPhone Dialer app to type in *#06#. This displays the IMEI number of your iPhone. Note it down.
  • Download the ZiPhone IMEI changer tool and extract it on your device.
  • Once extraction is complete, boot the device in recovery mode. To do so press and hold the power button.
  • Here, you will find the iTunes logo along with a cable sign. Connect the iPhone to PC.
  • Navigate to the extracted file folder. Now, press the shift button and right-click on the blank space available.
  • Select command prompt window and type in the command ZiPhone. Press Enter.
  • In the next line, type the command Ziphone -u -i a[new IMEI number].
  • It takes a few minutes to get the update for the new IMEI number.
  • To check if your IMEI is up to date, reboot the device and dial *#06#.
  • And there! You did it! The iPhone IMEI number is successfully change using the ZiPhone tool.

Since the IMEI number change, you can enjoy all those extra benefits and access bonus unlimited times given out by different free recharge applications now, without any hassle.

Points To Consider When You Change IMEI Number;

  • Once the IMEI number change, the iPhone warranty will be void.
  • It is illegal to change the IMEI number in certain countries. So, ensure to go through the law policies before proceeding.
  • The identity of the phone will be change.
  • It requires an unlocked or activated iPhone.

Is It Beneficial To Change IMEI number for iPhone?

Well! Changing IMEI number of iPhone doesn’t seem to be a wise choice. It doesn’t feature privacy and there is every chance that the device gets useless when you try again to change it back to original IMEI. Moreover, some countries claim this to be illegal, so you may face legal issues doing the same. Unless there is a valid reason to change the IMEI number, it is not advisable to change.


The above-specified process is a straightforward and easiest process to change the IMEI number of iPhone without jailbreak. Moreover, it takes only a few minutes to do so.

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