How To Change IMEI Number For Android

September 21, 2019

Though changing an IMEI number for Android is not a good idea, certain circumstances force us to change. So, why do we need to change the IMEI number? Once the IMEI number is changed, the identity of the device is changed. This gives access to the applications that you were once unable to use. Another probable reason could be the network issue on your device that is raised after the device gets repaired. Irrespective of the reason, it is clear that IMEI number change is illegal, but it can help you in certain instances. Before jumping into the concept of how to change the IMEI number for Android, let us understand what is IMEI for Android.

What is IMEI?

IMEI is an International Mobile Equipment Identity of any Android device. It is a 15-digit unique number that you can find on your device packing box. IMEI number for Android can be used to trace the location of a device when stolen. How can we check the IMEI number? As specified, it is available on the packing box, which we don’t carry along. One can easily check the Android IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your phone.

Methods To Change IMEI Number for Android

There are multiple methods to change the IMEI number for Android and they may differ from one device to another. You will lose certain benefits in case you prefer to change IMEI of Android and it also makes the device untraceable. Moreover, in certain western countries, this act is considered a serious criminal offense. Ensure to check if it’s not illegal in your country before proceeding with the process. Though it is ought to be illegal, at times IMEI number change seems to be beneficial. For instance, you might get to enjoy extra benefits featured by manufacturers on selected IMEI numbers.

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Method 1: Change IMEI number of Android Phone With Root

If you own a rooted Android device, then it is pretty simple to change the IMEI number. This method doesn’t require downloading any third-party software or connect the device with a computer. All it requires is a rooted device.

Change IMEI number of Android Phone With Root
  • From the Android smartphone, dial *#7465625# or *##3646633##*.
  • Either click on the call pad or connectivity option.
  • Browse for the CDS information and select it.
  • Check for the option of Radio Information.
    Step 6: If the mobile or smartphone is a dual-SIM, then select the phone for which you want to fix a new IMEI.
  • Here, you will find AT +EGMR=1,7,” IMEI_1” and “AT +EGMR=1,10,” IMEI_2”
  • Just replace IMEI1 or IMEI2 with the IMEI number of your choice and click on send.

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Method 2: Change IMEI Number of Android Phone Without Root

Here is another method that allows changing the IMEI number of Android without root. All you need is a Mobile Uncle application.

  • Download Mobile Uncle app available on the Google Play store.
  • Navigate through the Engineer Mode-→MTK Engineer Mode.
  • Scroll down to select CDS information.
  • Tap on Radio Information.
  • Here, you have two options to select- Phone 1 and Phone 2. Select Phone 2 to view the option AT+.
  • Replace this AT+ with AT+(Space) New IMEI number.
  • Ensure that you have given the right value and click on “SEND AT COMMAND”.
  • That’s it! You are done. To confirm, reboot the device and dial *#6# to find the new IMEI number.
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