How To Boost Up Internet Speed On Google Chrome

June 19, 2018

It can either a PC, tablet or a smartphone, the best browser that works well with any device is Google Chrome. Long way back Internet explorer was said to be an effective browser to use. Now the day are gone and now many people prefer using Google Chrome over other web browsers because of its effectiveness and proved to be faster. However, the availability of proper internet connection is quite important for the Google Chrome to render maximum performance. Waiting for the URL to load for a long time is quite annoying. Most of us look for the process that can do our task at fingertips. Despite featuring elegant UI, different range of Chrome extensions and faster information searching, there exist some factors that slow down the Google Chrome internet speed. Read the article for some tips to boost up internet speed and makes your browser run faster.

Disable Unnecessary Plugins

No doubt! Plugins feature extended functionality to Google Chrome. Apart from increasing functionality, it even slows down the speed of internet on your browser. They are responsible to clog memory as well as network resources. So, it is always advisable to disable all those unnecessary plugins. To disable plugins, Go to chrome://plugins and check Disable option for all those plugins you don’t need. Apart from this, you can even shed out all those unnecessary web apps running on your computer. While they don’t load in many resources, still clearing unnecessary junk will definitely boost up the speed of the internet.


Clear Browsing Data

Though not a new trick, it is one of the best ways to boost up internet speed on your browser. Irrespective any browser, this trick works as it clears all cache files, login details, browsing history, and what not! All those unnecessary piled up data gets removed thus giving space for you browse at a faster rate. Since several MB of data is released with this task, obviously your browser will show you faster results. Here is a process to clear browsing data. Go to settings-→history-→clear browsing data-→click on it.


Always Use Latest Version

Google Chrome gets updates regularly offering bug fixes and performance updates. Since it continuously provides stability improvements, update the browser regularly to get maximum speed from the browser. To see the latest Google Chrome version, click on three dots on the top right corner, select Help-→About Chrome-→there you will find the latest version. Apart from few power users, the browser gets updated automatically once it receives an update. This trick works for all other Android browsers on your device.


Enable Prefetch Resources

Almost many of us are not aware of the prefetch resources. But, this plays an important role to make your browser run fast on your PC or laptop. Just enable the option and see the change yourself. To enable prefetch resources, Go to settings-→Advance settings-→ privacy-→check the prefetch resources to load pages more quickly option.


Use Fast Tab/Window Close

Another option that can show a tremendous change in the internet speed performance is to use Fast Tab/Window Close option. It increases the responsiveness to close the tabs or windows thus speeding up the close process. Though it doesn’t boost up the internet speed, still it helps to speed up the overall process of closing and switching between the tabs. Follow this path chrome://flags/#enable-fast-unload”, to enable this feature. After clicking on Enable, click on Relaunch now button.


Well! These are some of the tips that enhance the speed of the internet. Apart from this, you can delve into further advanced settings to look for other options to make it work faster. As with any other applications, getting to know about Google Chrome is even necessary to use it with an ease.

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