How To Boost Internet Speed on Apple iPhone

February 13, 2020

Several factors can affect network connectivity on a smartphone. Especially the Apple iPhone doesn’t have enough processing power to access the websites as fast as in the PC. It can be either the issue with the network equipment, software issues, or the hardware damage; everything can attribute to the Internet speed. As the Internet is the prominent factor, it is quite essential to have a proper speed to accomplish both personal and professional tasks. Rather than the mobile data, the WiFi network is faster, and clearing the browsing data can further help. If you have an Apple iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPhone 11 Pro with Internet slow and then here are some tips that can help boost Internet speed. 

Restart the iPhone

When you find the iPhone having slow Internet speed, then the first solution that works with all iOS versions is to restart the iPhone. Press the Sleep/Wake button until the “Slide to Power Off” button appears. 

Clear iPhone Cache

A cache is nothing but the data stored in RAM to make multitasking easier. As the RAM gets filled with cache, the phone gets slower. Clean iPhone cache memory to increase the Internet speed on the iPhone. To clear cache on iPhone, open the recent app and swipe up to remove cache memory. 

Boost Internet speed

Find and Clear Background Apps

For iPhone X or later versions, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold on to in the middle. In a few iPhones such as iPhone 8 or earlier, all you need is to double-click on the home button to display the recently used apps. 

– Swipe right to left or left to right to find an app to close

Boost Internet speed

– Just swipe up on the app preview to close the background app. 

Reset Internet Connection

If you are unable to connect to the Internet properly, then try reconnecting to the WiFi or cellular connectivity. Even if it doesn’t work, then reset the network settings of the device. 

Boost Internet speed

Update iOS

Run both the Apple and the carrier on the device on the latest software. The software update can help resolve Internet speed issues. Check your software version by navigating through the Settings–>General–>About–>Software Update. If you are running on the previous version, then try downloading the latest version. 

Restart Wireless Router

While resetting the internet connection can help solve the problem of slow internet speed, at times, you may still have the problem. So, try to restart the wireless router if on the WiFi network. Unplug the router from the power outlet, wait for 15-20 seconds and plug it back again. Allow the device a minute to turn it back on. 

Clear Browser Cache

If you are using either the Chrome or Safari browser, then you must understand the fact that it gets slower over time as there is a lot of cache stored. However, the fact is you can remove the cache within a few seconds. To clear the browser cache:

– Open the Web browser.

– Select the menu and click on history.

boost Internet speed

– Clear history with cached data.

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Turn Off Auto Downloads

Enabling the Auto Downloads can slow down the Internet speed on the Apple iPhone. So, it is recommended to disable the auto-download. To turn off Auto download, go to Settings→ iTunes & App Store-→ touch the slider to disable auto-downloads. 

Boost Internet speed

Reset Network Settings 

To reset network settings, there is no need to reset iPhone settings completely. You have to reset only the network-related settings. To reset network settings,

– Open settings.

– Tap on General.

– Scroll down till the end to find the option Reset.

boost Internet speed

– Select Reset network settings and continue to follow on-screen instructions.

Third-Party Apps To Boost Internet Speed

If none of the above methods can help boost Internet speed on the iPhone, then it is better to install third-party apps. There exist several apps online that enhances the signal on an iPhone. 

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