How Do I Know What iPhone Model I have (Guide)?

November 14, 2019

iPhone is one of the leading brands of the phone industry for a long time now. The regular iPhone users are pretty aware of all the operating systems, versions and the iPhone commands. Almost every year, Apple house com up with some new update, be it with the phones or any other devices that the company owns. The recent update that iPhones came up with was iOS 13.1.

what iphone i have (Guide)

However, most of the users are still not aware of a few things. Especially when it comes to the model of their iPhone. If you want to get your iPhone repaired, either you want to sell it, the question that pops in your head is that which iPhone do you use? What is the model of the Apple phone in your hand? That is not a biggie, it is a very common query around the globe and we have the answers to your questions. Continue reading the blog and get to know the model.

How to know which iPhone Model do you own

The best way to know what iPhone you own is to examine the external features and then identify which model do you have. If you are facing trouble doing that and cannot identify the specs, simply follow the methods that are mentioned below.

First off, there are two basic ways to know the model of your iPhone. But out of one method, Apple decided to take away the easy and quick one. Why? Well, not much know that answer to that. The two methods are as follows;

1. Through the settings.

2. The “A” number for iPhone

If you own the version that is less than iPhone 8, you’d find the A number at the back of your phone. But if you have any of the latest phone models, then that is not the case.

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Look for the “A” Number on your iPhone

The “A” number is basically serial number given to any iPhone model. It starts with the letter “A” and is followed by 4 more characters. They can be numerals or alphabets, accordingly. If you will turn the phone upside down, on the bottom line, underneath “iPhone” label, you’d be able to see a number coded in the following format;


"A" iPhone model number

This is the number that will help you identify your iPhone. Each model has it’s own “A” number but in the latest phones, you won’t be able to find it printed at the back.

Find Your iPhone Model Through Settings

Now, if you have one of the recent models (iPhone 8 and above), then you probably have the latest version of iOS 13 updated. To get to know the version of the iPhone that you own, follow the procedure step by step;

1. Go to the “Settings”

2. In the options, search for “General” and tap.

3. On the ‘General” settings, look for the “Model Name”

model number on iphone

That is it. Finding the model name is not a big deal. The simple and easy methods will lead you to what you are looking for. In the general section, you can get all the details about the phone from the person’s name it is assigned to, to the software updates.

How To Match The Number’s To See If They Are Correct?

This question is also one of the frequently asked ones, the simple answer to the question is that Apple is a huge brand and if you buy something, you can trust blindfolded. But what if you are not buying your phone directly from the apple store and you are having doubts. For this matter, you can look up to your browser and go to the Apple support website. There you can find the model number and the detail to each phone pretty clearly. This will help you stay away from any hassle and doubts being a loyal iPhone user.


Almost every person on Earth now owns an iPhone. Apple is a big name and people go crazy over every new update from these guys. And that’s because Apple has made everything so simple, yet secure for its users that once they start using the services, they won’t look for anything other than this. No doubts that the company is extravagant, but that is worth it by all means.

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