Honda CRV 2019 Review

December 18, 2018

Honda Motor Company, the Japanese multinational Conglomerate who has been a brand leader in automobile, aircraft and much other electronic equipment manufacturing always deems to bring up innovation in its luxurious and mid-range automobiles with ravishing design and state-of-the-art specifications making it the most desired Honda automotive car or motorcycle of the season. This year, Honda is bringing a full-fledged contemporary SUV, Honda CRV 2019, being the fifth generation CR-V in order to amaze its rivals with its breath-taking features that have not been experienced in last four generations. Let’s swipe over to the specs and features of this awe-inspiring automotive by providing an in-depth Honda CRV 2019 Review analysis.


Honda CRV 2019 Specifications

With two house power variants in order to give you a speedy and smooth performance, Honda CRV 2019 is all set to bring 173hp 1.5 liter petrol variant along with an upgraded version of 184hp 2.0 hybrid variant bringing up the fuel efficiency that has been a growing market in last two decades.

The spacious subpar cargo space is sufficient enough to make you store your backpacks in it while you are on-the-go while traveling from one place to another.  Moreover, the sporty look and aesthetic design give it an innovative design by making it the most spectacular model of the year. The LED running light, taillights, and available headlights help you get a clear view while experiencing any fog or precipitation making your driving experience much more exciting. Moreover, the ravishing design of panoramic moonroof with tinted glass that can easily open on one-touch power helps you view the sky giving it an awe-inspiring structure. Apart from that, the shades in it help you control the amount of light that you would like to let inside the car. You can also get your hands on Honda CRV 2019 used car if you would like to avail the Real Time AWD feature with Intelligent Control System that you are dreading to have in your next automobile.

Honda CRV 2019

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Honda CRV 2019 vs 2018

The EX model of Honda CRV 2019 shows that the indulgent interior of this glorious automotive car is packed with 7.0-inch LED touchscreen facilitating you with Apple Car Play feature that helps you do the transaction at any point without searching for your paper money. Moreover, the Android Auto compatibility with easy-to-use interface helps you utilize all the features of a smartphone in your Honda CRV 2019 through auto-performance attributes. Moreover, the broader cargo tray with roof rail and crossbar and cargo organizer has been a new edition to the fifth generation Honda CRV 2019 that wasn’t available in its forbearer.

Honda CRV 2019 Review

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Honda CRV 2019 Price in Dubai

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for the base LX model starts around  134978 AED with technologically advanced features and exceptional amenities that you would like to grab at your earliest. Honda CRV 2019 Price in Dubai is much more affordable than Subaru Forester 2019. The magnificent crease line with a sleek silhouette makes it come over at top positions due to its user-friendly handling System. You can also look for different car care accessories to maintain the performance of your Honda CRV 2019.

Honda CRV 2019

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