How To Hide Files And Folders In Android Phone Without Any App

September 9, 2018

Smartphones are everywhere! Especially the Android smartphones got a great boom and there exist numerous users addicted to Android. Irrespective of any smartphone we use, the main thing that matters is privacy and security. As our Android smartphone is inclusive of many files and folders that consist of important data, we don’t want any intruder to get that data. Considering the need for privacy, we try to install third-party file hiding apps or the file locking apps to hide files on Android. However, they take enough amount of storage space. It is not an issue if there is a lot of storage. Well! Let me tell you can do it so without any apps thus giving room for alternative Android apps. Here, in this guide let us go through some of the methods to hide off the important files, documents, folders, or email attachments without any apps.

Method 1: Using Dot Method

Step 1: Firstly, enable the option of “Show Hidden files”. To enable go to File manager-→Settings-→tick the checkbox beside show hidden files.

Step 2: Go to menu to create a new folder and provide the name of your choice. But, before the file name place a dot. For example: “.myhiddendata”.

Step 3: From now on, any content placed in this folder will be hidden and it won’t be shown anywhere.

Step 4: Before handing over the phone to others, make sure to disable the option of “Show Hidden Files”

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HIde files and folders on Android

Whenever you wish to see the hidden files, you just need to unhide particular file or enable “Show Hidden Files”. These hidden files also show up when connected to a PC or laptop.

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Method 2: Using .NoMedia Method

Another simple yet easy method to hide files on Android phone is by creating .nomedia file. This can hide all media files such as pictures, and videos. The .nomedia file can be placed within an already existing folder or for the new folder to make the contents hidden. Here are the steps to follow to hide files on Android. Here is how to kill Android apps running on the background to enhance the performance of Android smartphone.

Step 1: Select any junk file that needs to be hidden. Copy and paste that file into one particular folder.

Step 2: Rename the folder as .nomedia.

Hide files and folders on Android

Step 3: Once renamed, all the files and folders stored in that folder will be hidden and will not be shown in the gallery, multimedia files or any. Do remember that this method is only for media files and the PDF documents are still visible.

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However, in case the file manager doesn’t have the option of hide/display files then probably you need to rely on third-party apps to hide files on Android. There exists numerous apps such as App Lock and more that can protect your apps using a password. According to your need, choose the best option to hide files and folders. Also, continue to read 8 ways to free up storage space on Android smartphones.

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