Here Is How To Enable TikTok Parental Controls

February 6, 2020

TikTok is an exciting app that lets users share videos that everyone across the world can watch. As it seems to be very entertaining, it is not only elders, but even children use it. So, there is every need for TikTok parental controls this restricting the usage of your kid. A lip-syncing app is quite interesting until it is used properly. However, as it is available worldwide, there is every chance for the availability of false and offensive content. It might not seem right, even for your 10-year old kid. TikTok understood the need and included the parental control feature. If your kid is using TikTok, then you must enable parental control to restrict the kid from watching obscene content. Here in this article, we share a technique to set up parental controls for Android and iOS in 2020.

Set Up Parental Controls On Android

-Firstly! Open up the TikTok Android app and head to the ‘Profile Button.’

– On the next page, you find the three vertical dots icon or open settings.

– Now, you find something ‘Digital Wellbeing.’ Tapping on it displays two options – Display screen Time Administration and Restricted Mode.

– By selecting the display screen time, the administration permits the uses to give out the restrictions on the display time while on the TikTok app.

– To block up the offensive content, it is better to choose the Restricted mode with the passcode.

That’s it! You have now successfully set up parental control for TikTok on Android.

Below are few other settings you can use to keep your kid safe from the Obscene TikTok videos.  

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Set Up A Private Account

– Head to your child’s profile page.

– Tap on three dots icon on the right end to select Privacy and Settings.

– Just toggle the private account to make it a more secure place. 

Manage/Turn Off Comments

– Head to your child’s profile page.

– Tap on three dots icon on the top right end to select Privacy and Settings.

– On the Privacy and Safety settings page, select Who Can Send Me Comments.

– Depending on the need, you can choose from Everyone, Friends (mutual followers), or Off.

– To turn off the comments, open a particular video for which the comments need to be turned off.

– Tap on the menu and select comments off. 

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Control Sending A Direct Message

You can even have parental control by restricting the child from receiving a direct message. 

– Head to privacy and settings page. 

– Tap on Who Can Send Messages to Me.

– Choose the option from which you want to restrict receiving messages from. 

TikTok is fun to use! But at the same time, it is one of the most accessible modes for kids to expose to inappropriate media items. It becomes mandatory for the user to set some TikTok parental controls to give out enough protection to kids. 

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