H96 Max – The Cheapest Computer Ever

November 10, 2019

Want to upgrade from an old traditional TV? Android TV is the best option to consider. Thanks to the technology that gives access to watch content on multiple streaming platforms in 4K resolution. One such interesting option to look for is H96 Max. It is of the Android 9.0 platform that adapts perfectly into TV. In addition, the remote controller gives out the opportunity to access multiple apps, play games from the Google Play Store, watch YouTube videos and more. With the impressive storage option and the wide range of application opportunities in a sleek design, the H96 Max is our favorite Android TV box. Let us learn details about the H96 Max design, internal specifications and more.

H96 Max 4K UHD

With the 4K Ultra High Definition on-board, the H96 Max Android TV box can deliver exceptional picture quality with superior streaming speeds. Also, it includes sound quality that is enhanced enough to deliver great viewing and listening experience Some of the reviewers claim the picture to be close to theater-quality provided with a right set up. Talking about the design, you will be pleased with its looks. Enjoy the sleek, colorful design of the box. With the standard black on the top decorated with a model name and distinctive, multicolored print. It is this unique pattern that differentiates with other units.

Android TV box

Portability is an added feature of the H96 Max. It features multiple connectivity ports- 3 USB 2.0 ports and 1 USB 3.0 port. This allows the device to be connected with many. Along with HDMI port is the AV port that makes it accessible on both older and newer television sets. Furthermore, it comes in with a power adapter, an HDMI cable. To ensure proper and quick setup, you have a user manual.

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H96 Max High-Powered Processor

As for the internals, the H96 Max packs in a4-core A-53 64 Bit Rockchip RK3318 processor and a Mali-450 graphics card. It is more than enough for video streaming and playback control. With the video encoding in H.265, you are allowed to compress videos without losing its quality. Interestingly, it supports Kodi thus allowing to enjoy your favorite movies and music.

H96 Max Downloading With 16GB Expandable Storage

There is whopping 16GB of storage, there is enough space to install the Play Store apps and store your own files. Also, there is an option to double its storage with a microSD of up to 32 GB. As it uses the latest version of Android, enjoy all the newer applications that support the platform.

Android TV box

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H96 Max Price

Considering its design and price, the H96 Max is an appealing option around. Well! don’t expect fancy. It is the value for money that you get. The H96 Max price is almost AED 77. This is far less than the cheapest Raspberry Pi device.

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