GoPro Hero 7 Camera Rumours, Release Date and Price 2018

September 4, 2018

It seems like the upcoming GoPro camera is leaked ahead of its launch. Yes! We are talking about the new GoPro Hero 7 that is likely to make its appearance in the near future. GoPro is quite popular in rendering tiny and efficient cameras. Within no time, it has gained huge attention and popularity in the action camera sector. The GoPro Hero 5 and GoPro Hero 6 were undoubtedly a great success to the company. They were quite successful in rendering a great new design with an impressive set of features. Now, it is time tan o upgrade! Considering the technological advancement, even GoPro preferred to upgrade its camera with GoPro Hero 7 in terms of both design and features.

GoPro Hero 7 Release Date:

Back in May, we have already seen the GoPro Fusion with a 360-degree camera and the next upcoming camera is rumored to be GoPro Hero 7. From the latest leaks and rumors to the actual launch the GoPro Hero 7 has been released recently in September 2018. The images leaked online reveal the new camera in different attractive shades including White, Black, and Silver. Moreover, it was unveiled with the same model number as GoPro Hero 6 which would also possible hint for the minor upgrades.

GoPro Hero 7

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GoPro Hero 7 Specifications:

Moving on to the specifications it is being declared through the official source that the GoPro Hero 7 is going to be unveiled with the 3 variants. The one will be in the Black color and the other two will be White and Silver. Further indulgencing into the Black Go Pro Hero 7 it was announced with the improved and advanced gimbal-like video stabilization which is a built-in feature. Enlightening the gimbal stabilization means an action camera producing much stable and enhanced output even in the super motion videography.  It is indeed an action camera which captures through the movements with its ultra-modern technology of control over the pixels and lens. It could be called as a hand-held piece of the device which has the motion sensor to record forward, backward, upward and downward without even using the actual gimbal. The main reason for the drop down sales of GoPro Hero 6 camera was the full package offer with the gimbal resulting into the whopping amount. This time GoPro Hero 7 is designed especially focusing on the stabilization factor to minimize the need of extra elements with a camera.  GoPro Hero 7 Black is launched with improved stabilization as it is beefed up with the solid TimeWarp mode, which is basically a time-lapse recording feature which automatically super-stabilized plus sped-up while filming.  The another convince attached with the camera is that it is directly associated with the social media platforms like  Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo etc to upload the live stream video, whereas for Instagram you will be needing the supporting app. Moreover, it has also a touchscreen and built-in GPS.  Coming to the other two versions of GoPro 7 camera Silver and White we won’t be witnessing the same image stabilization feature but both of them having the basic Electronic Image stabilization (EIS) similar to what we use on smartphone cameras. For the still photography, the Black version of GoPro Hero 7 has the 12MP lens and others two have 10MP lens.


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GoPro Hero 7 Features:

The camera is loaded with the tons of features as it is indeed an action camera which is not classified into the ordinary cameras. The action camera is supposed to be impacting with its powerful manufacturing. GoPro Hero 7 has the few of the prominent features making it intriguing more like  SuperPhoto with Intelligent scene detection which eventually recognizes the scene required lightening and modes and set the frame accordingly, face and smile detection, Portrait mode for Insta-ready pictures, voice control (doesn’t require internet) and enhanced audio capture. The waterproofing and 4K video capturing properties have already there confirmed the much-hyped rumor.


GoPro Hero 7 Rumours:

From the information provided, the GoPro Hero 7 features an identical design to GoPro Hero 6. And like its predecessor, even the new camera is likely to have two variants. One model would be with the display on the front and other might not have a display. From the leaked images, it is clear that the silver model came without a screen while the black variant was available with a screen. Some of the expected features from the display includes water resistant for up to 33 feet deep. We could expect an enhancement in terms of lens, touchscreen, battery, and processor. GoPro has always tried to render great quality camera lens that can capture clear and crisp images. This is the important quality for any action camera. Along with the regular specifications, the new lens now holds the touch zoom capability that enables to zoom in and out of the frame with an ease. As with the majority of smartphones, even the GoPro Hero 7 camera display would now be more spacious thus allowing to make use of those additional features and gestures. There is still a detachable screen that would allow to switch or detach. The reports further hint for the upcoming Hero series camera to have the capability to shoot 4K videos at 60fps. Some other rumors suggest the next generation camera to double the maximum frame rates both on 4K and full HD.

GoPro Hero 7

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GoPro Hero 7 Price:

With the history repeat, the GoPro Hero 7 has appeared by September 2018. And talking about the GoPro Hero 7 price in UAE, it is expected to carry nearly the same price tag as GoPro Hero 6. However, the minor upgrades may also demand to increase the GoPro Hero 7 price to a very minimal range. We will have to wait a bit to know about the GoPro Hero 7 specifications and price.

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