Google Play Music vs Spotify: Which One Is The Best?

November 5, 2018

Is Google Play music the best music app rolling around the internet? Well! Maybe not! Is Spotify the best app around? Confused! Here we are to make it clear with the direct comparison of the two most popular apps over the internet. This could conclude which is the best app to enjoy your favorite music online. With numerous names making their way into the music streaming sector, it makes the users a bit harder to decide the best. However, the arrival of the popular streaming music services like Google Play music and Spotify made the users narrow down the choice. Let us filter the choice further by comparing the features offered, audio quality and the price. This would make it easier to choose the best between these two music applications.

Google Play Music vs Spotify: Features

Google Play music ensures to provide comprehensive music experience with the ability to choose from a wide range of songs. To get a great audio experience, it features with a dedicated podcasts section. As soon as you get the new podcast, it can be instantly shared on the social media. Even the user interface is a great added advantage for the Google Play Music. Users also have an option to store nearly 50,000 songs on the Play music library without any additional cost. This is the feature in which Spotify lacks in. However, Spotify is also ought to be the best music streaming service with all those latest and old music online. It even gives access to mobile apps as well as stand-alone desktop. One of the big bonus for the Spotify is its ability to create curated playlists. This means that the algorithms in it support to create playlist suitable for every situation. Also, cast the music to other devices using the Chromecast. Additionally, Spotify comes in integration with PlayStation music. This feature allows listening to your favorite music even while playing on PS4.

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Google Play Music vs Spotify

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Google Play Music vs Spotify: Audio Quality

With over 30 million songs in the library to choose from both the applications, they stand at almost the same position in rendering numerous choices online. However, to be precise, the Google Play Music stands ahead of the competition with 35 million songs. Yes! It is pretty huge! But, what about the audio quality? It is quite tedious to determine the quality of each song individually. Both the music streaming apps stream music at 320 kb/s. The Google play music lets to choose the streaming quality- Low, normal, high or always high both on WI-Fi and mobile networks. Talking about the Spotify, though it features the option to choose cellular data, unfortunately, you may not be able to choose audio quality on either of the networks. It offers four audio qualities including Automatic, Normal, High and Extreme High. Only the premium users can have access to the extreme quality music on Spotify. So, Google Play music ensures to provide all those necessary sound quality features for free while the Spotify music requires you to upgrade to premium version. Moreover, the interface of both the applications is nearly the same. But, as you explore in depth into the apps, you may find slight differences.

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Google Play Music vs Spotify

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Google Play Music vs Spotify: Price

Talking about the price, the Google Play Music can be used for free, however, you need to sacrifice some features such as access to the radio stations. If you want to make use of other features as well then prefer to choose the individual monthly subscription or get a family subscription. On the other end, Spotify also offers a free version but you need to bare those annoying ads. Enjoy additional features using the premium version that nearly costs the same as Google Play Music.

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