Google Pixel 5- Release Date, Rumors, Latest News and Price

February 18, 2020

Though not so perfect, Google Pixel 4 is the best smartphone in 2020. Its impressive design, 90-Hz display, dual cameras, and advanced software make the Google flagship join the list of best smartphones. That said, every one of us will have higher expectations for its successor that is rumored to Google Pixel 5. We are still a long way from the Pixel 5 announcement by Google, but this doesn’t stop from the device to get into leaks and rumors. So, here in this post, we will go through specific details of the Google Pixel 5 release date, news and leaks we heard so far. 

Google Pixel 5 Release Date UAE

Although we have no official details, our best guess for the Pixel 5 release date UAE is in October 2020. So, there is every chance to see a glimpse of the device in an autumn event. Except for the budget range Google Pixel 3a almost all the Google Pixel smartphones are unveiled in October. So, Google may follow a similar pattern and introduces the Google Pixel 5 in early October 2020. 

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 Rumors and Specs

From the early rumors and leaks of the alleged Pixel 5 in UAE, the device might not be that amazing as you expect. As it isn’t even two months since Google Pixel 4 came out, so there may not be many upgrades. As Pixel smartphones are the most leaked phones, we hear rumors long ahead. Google Pixel 4 was accidentally leaked in the AOSP, so; there is a chance for Google Pixel 5 to appear in the same leaks shortly. 

Every year, Google Pixel lineup is typically released after the latest Qualcomm chipsets appear in competing smartphones. To put in another way, it releases four months before the South Korean giant releases the Samsung Galaxy S series. We can find the same scenario even this year with the Samsung Galaxy S20 that was introduced with upgraded performance over the Google Pixel 4. Indeed, Google isn’t always successful in pairing up the software with hardware. But with the Google Pixel 3a, Google was quite impressive in giving out the top-tier software into an affordable package. Just keep your finger crossed to see if Google spoils out this success with Pixel 5 or makes it better. 

Google pixel 5

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What To Expect From Google Pixel 5?

When it comes to launching from the major tech companies, there is a lot of secrecy. And now we only have few rumors with Pixel 5. So, let us look at what we can expect from the upcoming Google Pixel smartphone. 

Screen size

Firstly, the display screen size! Considering the latest market standard, Google should look for the redesign and higher display screen. As the Google Pixel 4 is available with 5.7-inches screen, we expect the successor to have nearly the same or a bit bigger display size of 6.00-inches. Even the design might change and get a punch-hole design. 


Talking of the processor, we can expect the Google Pixel 5 in Dubai can get the top-end processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. 


Google Pixel 4 offers the choice of 64GB and 128GB storage. Now that almost every company is offering 256GB and above, Google should look forward to increasing the storage. 


Google Pixel 3 was highly impressive in terms of camera software. And Google Pixel 4 is a bit upgraded by including the second telephoto sensor. Now, for Pixel 5, there is a good chance for the company to prefer a triple camera setup by adding in an ultra-wide sensor. 


What about the battery? Both Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL get a fast-draining battery of 2800 mAh and 3700 mAh, respectively. Google should look to increase the battery capacity or tweak the Soli radar to consume less power. Also, we expect the Pixel 5 to get the wireless charging support. 

5G connectivity

5G is the latest trend in every smartphone released in 2020. So, Google might join up the 5G connectivity supporting devices with the Google Pixel 5 in Dubai. Especially the rumored processor is powering all the other 5G smartphones. 

Google Pixel 5 Price in UAE

We all are aware that the pricing of the handsets is never announced until the device gets to sale. Considering the Pixel 4 price in UAE, the starting price of the upcoming Pixel 5 will be around AED 2934. And talking of the Google Pixel 5XL price in UAE, you could find it significantly more expensive than the Google Pixel 4XL. 

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