Google Pixel 4 Ultra Leaks, Specs, Price and Release Date

October 26, 2018

Google has shaken the market with its new devices which were released at the” Made by Google” event recently. All the devices had gathered a great appreciation for the innovation and advancement indulgence similarly the expectations for the future devices have risen up at the bar. Google never disappoints because of the purposely served attitude that is why it is being famous and positioned as world known brand. Google devices and Google software are the first preference in Dubai whereas, Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL have satisfied the fans with the supremacy features and integration with the other Google devices some are still comparing these with Google Pixel 2XL. These are all the basic realities of the technology world where every new phone is being thoroughly reviewed at all aspects for the future improvements but among the reviews, the speculations for the upcoming phone or device also shapes up subsequently happened with the Google Pixel 3. After the successful release of Pixel 3, the revolutionary concept design of Google Pixel 4 Ultra has dropped with all splendid features and enchanting look.

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Design and Display:

The smartphone first judged by the design and display which eventually shapes up the further body structure of the phone. The ultimate metallic colors collection of Red, Blue, White, and Black at the rear finely compliments the dual camera set up of Google Pixel 4 Ultra whereas, the front screen has about 6.2-inches QHD display, the notch phenomena seem dull here and the mere cuts in the display indicate the front camera placement, earpiece and stereo speaker which is certainly possible. The future technology of these three phone constituents infused into the display screen is expected to be delivered by many other phones like Samsung Galaxy X and Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex. The thin bezels around the screen are almost ignorable making it a full infinity display, this concept design of Google Pixel 4 Ultra is intriguing the fans in UAE.

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Google Pixel 4 Ultra


It is firmly understood that the concept design usually has no proper specifications just a few hints for the expected phone, for the Google Pixel 4 Ultra it can be expected with the latest operating system Android Pie or maybe the futuristic Google Fuchsia. Further, the processor might be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 additionally the high graphics card for the superior graphics is also speculated.  Google has released Pixel 3 and 3XL with the best of the hardware of the recent times and for its next version, the best will be also utilized in the Google Pixel 4 Ultra for sure.

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Google Pixel 4 Ultra


Google Pixel 3 has launched with the single camera on both sides but the concept design of Google Pixel 4 Ultra anticipates for the dual camera set up at the rear and front both. The recent phone of Google has the potential of the 12.2MP rear and 8MP front so the future Google phone version would be having the greater power than these lenses, it could be the 12MP+12MP at rear and 8MP+8MP at the front for the mind-blowing photography results. Google Pixel 3XL camera night or low light photography is already having some delightful and substantial reviews in comparison with the iPhone XS camera low light captures and this is puffing up in Dubai.

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Google Pixel 4 Ultra

Google Pixel 4 Ultra Price in UAE:

Google Pixel 4 Ultra concept design relinquishes the sensational and eminent look whereas, the hefty hardware ensures a tremendous phone delivery by Google in the next step so it can be said that the price would be a whopping amount against such prodigious phones.

Google Pixel 4 Ultra Release Date in UAE:

The Google Pixel 3 has released in October 2018 so the next Google phone might release next year in October 2019.

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