Google Pixel 4 Sargo Appears On Geekbench with Android 10.0

February 12, 2019

Well, Google has never fallen far to astound us with the extent of its intelligence, which technically is the reason for its peculiarity in the world. Anything you may think, Google had already thought of it in advance and presented it in a novel manner. Either it’s their operating systems are in question or the software or any other technology, one thing is for sure that Google always meddles uncanny and unconventional together only to give birth to something that is purely ingenious. Its Rumor Google is going to launch Google Pixel 4 Sargo soon.

Since we already mentioned other Google technologies that are where its wondrously intelligent Google Pixel phones arise into the situation.

Google Pixel 4 Sargo
Google Pixel 4 Sargo specification


You have clearly witnessed the latitude of Google Pixel 3’s success and the bundle of innovation they come overflowing with, and not just they broke all the records of global cellphone market but also appeased the global audience tremendously.

Keeping that in mind, Google thought –why not set forth another installment in the series?



From what we know through the leaks and rumors, Google Pixel 4 is on the horizon to be launched and the company has made subtle hints about setting forth another device brimming with pure intelligence and quality.

And since we keep our eyes trained everywhere we can, we spotted this new one on Geekbench. It is expected to be officially unveiled in October 2019 and it will feature the ‘Sargo’ codename so that you don’t even minutely confuse it with any other one –not that it is possible.

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Google Pixel 4 – Sargo Specification

It is said about Google Pixel 4 Sargo that it will host an Android 10.0 version of the operating system in it. Since most of the flagship phones nowadays come with the latest Android 9.0 version of OS, Google Pixel 4 would be far more advanced and elevated than those since it sports the operating system which is even more advanced than the latest one. Now you can only imagine what would the scope of its performance if it has such an otherworldly intense functioning unit inside it.

Another interesting thing about this new upcoming intensely intelligent product is that it might be designed to be fit in budget phone’s category, which is even better because this way a vast audience will be able to acquire it. We found out that it sports an unspecified 8-core Qualcomm processor. This Pixel 4 only achieved a single-core score of 744 and a multi-core score of 3,201. These are scores that would typically be associated with budget handsets. Wouldn’t that be glorious to have an extraordinary phone come at a reasonable cost?

But still, all of this is in the air and nothing could be said about it with utmost surety. Though if the rumor managed to surface on Geekbench, there must be some huge extent to its truthfulness.  One thing is for sure –you can expect something huge about to land on us when we say Google Pixel 4 Sargo is about to be unveiled in the cellphone arena.

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