Google Pixel 4: Top 5 Features To Expect From Next Google Flagship

February 6, 2019

We are into the new year which means there are several exciting smartphones that make its way this year. One such interesting flagship to look forward is Google Pixel 4. Apart from these, we even expect new smartphones from the top OEMs such as Samsung Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7, Apple iPhones and more. Unlike other smartphone manufacturers, Google plays a completely different role in the smartphone sector. It is known to feature the best mobile operating system as well as trying to introduce a perfect smartphone. Though the Google Pixel smartphones are known to deliver the best features possible, still it lacks in certain aspects. Now, the search engine giant is likely to overcome these aspects and is introducing the next Pixel edition- Google Pixel 4 in Dubai. As the Google Pixel 3XL, there could be even another variant, Google Pixel 4XL. Though there is no much information about the upcoming Google flagship, we are hearing some exciting rumors that made us expect some from the Google Pixel 4. Here, we have rounded up some of the features that we can expect from the next Pixel series smartphone.

A Whole New Design With Premium Look

Though you agree or not! But the fact is all the Pixel devices including Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3XL look quite similar. Yes! It is true that there is nothing wrong in the design, however, users expect to have a smartphone with a bold and bezel-free design. Google needs to come up with some innovative thinking which leads to a completely new design. We are not sure of what Google prefers to change in design, but we expect to have a different look both at the front and rear. Even the bigger notch should be made quite smaller.

Google Pixel 4


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Google Pixel 4 In Display Fingerprint Scanner

In 2018, we have seen several smartphones that boast in-display fingerprint scanner. It is like this is the future of smartphones and even the Google Pixel 4 in UAE is likely to get something similar. There are already several rumors in the air that suggest the integration of in-display fingerprint scanner in future. In fact, all the high-end smartphones are yet to get this feature.

Google Pixel 4

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Google Pixel 4 Has More RAM

One of the common issues that Pixel smartphones face is poor RAM management. Apps tend to close suddenly and even multitasking was an issue. Though Google eventually came out with an update that fixed these issues. Still, 4GB RAM was not quite sufficient to handle multiple tasks efficiently. In order to overcome the issue completely, we expect Google Pixel 4 to feature a bit higher RAM that not only ensures to have efficient multitasking but even enhances performance.

Google Pixel 4

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Improved Video Recording

The camera performance is quite good in case of the Google Pixel smartphones. They are capable enough to capture impressive photographs and with every new generation of smartphones, we could find some noticeable improvements. So, Google Pixel 4 is even bound to get a better camera and should also focus on improving the video recording capabilities.

Google Pixel 4

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Latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor

Finally! We even expect improved performance from the Pixel 4 smartphone. Though the phone and software are basically given out by Google, still these days people face issues in terms of overall performance. As the Google Pixel 4 is expected to receive the latest processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 we could definitely look for enhanced performance. Apart from this, we would even like to see 5G support as it is the current marketing standard. In order to overcome the tough competition, Google should definitely try to integrate new and innovative technology.

Google Pixel 4

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