Google Pixel 4 With Codename ‘Sargo’ Appears On Geekbench With Android 10.0

March 17, 2019

It was back in November when we heard of the Google smartphone with the code name ‘Sargo’. And the name of the smartphone was claimed to be Google Pixel 4. While everyone is looking forward for the Google Pixel 3XL and Google Pixel 3XL lite, Google Pixel 4 got dappled online on Geekbench. Now that it appeared on the Geekbench we got to find some surprising details about the alleged Google smartphone. Earlier, the same codename ‘Sargo’ was linked with the upcoming Google Pixel 3 lite device and now we got to see the same code name on Geekbench in a benchmark listing for the Google Pixel 4. According to the latest information, Google Pixel 4 will land up with the brand new version of Android, which is Android 10.0. Apart from this, we have even seen another Google smartphone in the last week with the code name Coral that has 6GB RAM and runs on Android Q. Now that device is nowhere seen through Geekbench. Google Pixel 4 has now got a completely different feature. The listing suggests the handset to run on Android 10.0 and surprisingly holds 2GB RAM. From this, it seems like there is quite a confusion related to the upcoming Google smartphone releases.

Google Pixel 4

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If we start to talk about the processor, then the Google Pixel 4 is likely to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor. Despite this fact, the results seem to be not so powerful as expected from the futuristic smartphone. With the 2GB RAM, Google Pixel 4 in Dubai, Geekbench score gives out a single-core score of 744 and the multi-core score of 3201 points. Yes! It is pretty unimpressive and is definitely not a score expected from the flagship smartphone. Keeping these scores apart, the bright spot of the Google Pixel 4 is the inclusion of Android 10.0. Being the upcoming Android operating system, we can definitely expect it to have some additional features compared to Android Pie. Also, it doesn’t make sense if Google launches the Google Pixel 4 with such basic specifications.

Google Pixel 4

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Rumors also hint that Google Pixel 4 in UAE to get high-end specifications such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB RAM. Currently, all these details specified are not confirmed. In fact, the data present in the Geekbench website make us have a doubt about the existence of the phone, Google Pixel 4. Irrespective of the specifications, these rumors suggest that Google is in plans to introduce a new smartphone with low-end specs, which could be probably Google Pixel 4. Now, it is unsure whether the device will be Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 3XL lite or could have other names. Whatever it is! One thing is quite interesting! Google is looking forward to including the Android latest operating system but with a bit lesser RAM. Let us wait until the official confirmation from Google of what the upcoming Google smartphone will bring in.

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