Google And Huawei Are Paying $400 For This Smartphone Users

April 15, 2019

Google Nexus 6P was a successful handset when it was launched in 2015. This phone was then a complete package that featured an advanced camera, stunning design, a clean build of Android and many other specifications. Unfortunately, owners of this device started experiencing a few issues like boot loops, and random shutdowns very often after owning this device. Regardless of the battery levels, there were problems like locking and system shut down. Taking these problems into consideration, both the Google and Huawei companies have come to terms of paying up to $400 for every user of the Nexus 6P, who can verify the failures and issues of their handsets.

Manufactured by the renowned Chinese company Huawei, Nexus 6P was Google’s last smartphone that was offered in the Nexus line before Google changed its name to Pixel. However, after the product was released, some issues started showing up such as locking problem during the boot process. Besides, the device also turned off automatically despite the battery levels are full.


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As a result, the brand has come to a decision of offering Pixel devices just like an exchange for the defective handsets but only to those users who purchased the smartphone directly from the Google Store. However, the one thing to note about this exchange program is the tech giant is up for the handset exchange free of cost. This means users need not pay anything to receive the brand new Pixel smartphone in return of the Nexus device.

In 2017 after a lawsuit in the United States, a decision was made to offer up to $400 for all the Nexus 6P users who faced this issue and who proved its failures. In the agreement, it was clearly mentioned that user-facing issues with the Nexus 6P will get up to $325. Meanwhile, those who experienced issues where the handsets have consumed enough energy will get around $150. And the users who faced all the problems that were listed are eligible for the total $400 amount like compensation for the defects.

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