Google Home Hub Price in UAE, Release date, and features

October 12, 2018

Google products are popular because of the technological advancement and reliability which can be seen in its new home assistant who is the member of your family and your gadgets, this improvised AI system and advanced features are the best things ever you would have imagined. Google event on 9th October 2018 has brought a lot to attention and surveillance with its two Google mobile phones, which were much in news named as Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL also with that a new futuristic device is also introduced in this event which is designed to cover up the entire home elements by Google and it is called as Google Home Hub.  Google Home Hub in simple words is the device infused with the Google Assistant system and AI, the first of its variant was released in 2016 in the form of wireless smart speaker only which used to coordinate in to the day to day routine updates and tasks, this time the Google Home Hub in UAE has launched with the 7 inches screen display with the enhanced functionality of visual display as well.

Google home hub

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Google Home Hub Design:

Google Home Hub is designed into the very distinct way than its previous versions. The smart speaker is now engulfed with the 7 inches display screen too which permit the visual results as well and because of such novel enhancement, it is hyped up in Dubai and globally. It has manufactured very carefully to not just proposed its functions but be featured as the part of home décor, it could be set up like a photo frame for a glance.  The size is appropriate to fit in at any surface like the kitchen counters, nightstands and dressing or side tables with the irresistible and fascinating color options Chalk, Charcoal, Aqua, and Sand.  One of the major concerns is the privacy these days and to suppress this Google Home Hub in Dubai is released with the no camera lens to make you feel comfortable and secure with its presences anywhere in your home for instance bedroom.

Google home hub

Google Home Hub Features:

Google Home Hub has the ability to identify and react to the voices of 6 persons which means the Google Assistant would be able to answer the queries of each member in the house individually without messing things up.  On the top of the device, there is the placement of Ambient EQ light sensor which eventually blends the lighting into the room according to the surrounding as it is smart enough to detect the night or darkness in the room and dims the lighting.

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Enriches Morning Routine:

Morning routines are rush hours to get ready and then leaving home for work or school but Google Home Hub enriches the morning routines by providing the updated news of the day, highlights of your favorite sport, calendar updates, Google maps for commute assistance, latest reminders, weather forecasting, daily routine tasks and required elements to fulfill it so you don’t forget and miss anything ahead.

Google home hub

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Connect Home With One Device:

This device has become the favorite home partner in UAE because of its synchronization with every other gadget available at home. You can control 10,000+ types of smart home devices from 1,000+ famous brands subsequently makes 200 million devices compatible with Google Home Hub so now Dim your Phillps Hue lights, adjust the temperature on your Nest thermostat, turn up the volume on the TV with Vizio, lock the front door with August, monitor smart cameras, and see the front door with the Nest Hello video doorbell.

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Kitchen Assistant:

Google Home Hub is now your hands-free help in the kitchen so just ask for the recipe and it would take you to the top searches and videos by the finest chefs. Start cooking and make tasty meals without consuming time into searching.

Google home hub

Music Player:

Music is the one brings aura and semblance stability hence it is sometimes essential for calm and soothing atmosphere or to rock the party so it is smart enough to play the music of your preference in the audacity of your choice to set up the mood accordingly it is another interesting feature intriguing people in Dubai because Google Home Hub acting as a personal DJ for the party.

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Google Home Hub Price in UAE:

The Google Home Hub price in Dubai is around 600 AED which is comparatively best and less than the Amazon Echo of 900 AED and Facebook Portal of 1300 AED.

Google Home Hub Release Date in UAE:

The Google Home Hub is already released on the “Made By Google” event on 9TH October 2018, the availability and shipment of this device are expected from 22 October in Dubai and globally.

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