Google Drive Vs. Microsoft One Drive: Which Storage is Better?

March 7, 2020

The title speaks it all! Here, we are to review the two most essential storage services – Google Drive and OneDrive. Each comes in with bells and whistles that prove to be a significant choice. Now, picking the best of the two isn’t an easy task as they provide not only a useful way to free up HDD space by storing files but offers some integrated features to get their work done quickly. So, what factors you consider while choosing the best option? Let us make it simple. Read on further to find the head-to-head comparison that gives you the information you need to know to pick the best of the cloud storage solution. 

Google Drive Vs. Microsoft One Drive: Speed

Of the two cloud storage solutions, the Microsoft OneDrive is faster with larger, Microsoft-native files. With the support for the file-syncing technology called block-level copying, data on the drive is split into small packages. So, when you perform a specific change, only the package that houses the changes are re-uploaded. Due to this, the data transfer doesn’t take much time, which seems to be beneficial. Overall, both perform similarly in terms of speed. The major difference lies with the Microsoft naive files, which takes shorter upload times. 

Microsoft one Drive

Google Drive Vs. Microsoft One Drive: File Sharing

A good cloud storage service is determined by the file storage and sharing option. Google Drive lets to share both folders and files just through a simple right-click and select “share” or “get a shareable link.” Selecting the get shareable link option copies the link to the clipboard. While the share option lets to email the link to specific contacts and does necessary settings, share the link across Gmail, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Depending on the permissions, you will be able to view, comment, or edit accordingly. 

Microsoft One Drive

To share content on the OneDrive, you need to the right click on the file or folder and select Share from the menu. There, you will find a link pointing to the folder. Copy the link to share it manually! Or else email the link by selecting email. Share links across social media platforms. 

Google Drive Vs. Microsoft One Drive: Security

As security is the primary concern, we need the storage solution that is more secure enough to protect the data. As for Google Drive, it encrypts files and folders during transit from PC to cloud using the TLS and 256-bit AES. Once transferred, files get decrypted and again go through the encryption phase with 128-bit AES. Also, Google supports two-factor authentication that can protect the account from hackers. Talking of the OneDrive, it goes a step ahead with 256-bit AES. 

Google Drive

Google Drive Vs. Microsoft One Drive: Cost

At times! It isn’t very easy to compare the price of two different storage services, especially with Google Drive and One Drive. Both the services offer free sign up. With Google Drive, you get 15GB free, and the other offers only 5GB. This what makes the Google product is an extra point. Apart from this, the price when considering the higher storage package is almost similar. But, Microsoft OneDrive additionally gives access to Microsoft Office Suite. Well! If you need the service, then there is nothing wrong to put on some amount on the service. 

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