Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word Online: Which one is better?

October 22, 2018

A word processor is indeed a need when it comes to writing, editing, drafting and saving a content or document based on words. So the best options you get in the recent time is the two of the popular word processors with the multiple perks and detriments of both but are worthy depending upon the user preferences.  Well, we are fond of Microsoft Word since ages as it the one we are used to working on whereas, the Google Doc provides the best connectivity and collaboration options of recent ages which are now a compulsory element for professionals and students.  To make it convenient for you to decide that which one is best for you here is the compilation of the highlighting points of both word processor so you can choose the one which immensely and particularly fits for you.


Accessibility is the first thing to consider while choosing the best word processor. The Microsoft Word comes with an Office 365 Package which enables you to download the other programs of the suite too including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access. Recently, Microsoft Launches Office 2019 which has all of these components of the suite. The addition from Microsoft Word is that it has now started its very basic or limited option version online named as Word App which has only a few main features. Alternatively, Google Doc has become famous which is comprises of the various features and options and can access from anywhere in the world just through the browser and internet connection.

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Another thing is the compatibility of the system on which you want to use the word processor, the Microsoft Word is compatible with the laptops and PC and can only be installed on Windows and OS X computers whereas, the online version can be accessed through any device similarly Google Doc is compatible with the laptops, tablets, PC, and smartphones and you can use it on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS by just simple logging into your Google account. If this has made you switch the Microsoft Word so there is also The Best Free Alternative to Microsoft Word 2018 available. In terms of file compatibility, Google Doc has all the hearts because it allows the most commonly used extensions like ODT, PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, and EPUB and would let you save and open the Microsoft Word document. Nonetheless, Microsoft Word wants you to convert the Google Doc file first to run and has limited extension compatibility PDF, ODT, or DOCX files but PDF is the one unit which eventually makes the Microsoft Word App worthy as you can open, edit and save PDF files into it.

Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word Online

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What matters the most is the price against the word processor you pay. Microsoft Word is definitely charging hefty as it is part of complete Microsoft Office 365 Package and you will have to pay whether you want to use the rest of the attached things with the Microsoft Word or not. There are online Microsoft Office Suite 2018 Serial Key Download available but, still, that is not an ensure option to go for whereas, Google Doc completely free online word processor and doesn’t charge you a single penny subsequently the limited option Microsoft Word online or Word App is free to access as well.

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Microsoft Word surely charges you for the better features but what it permits you with that are the rich options for the handling of your document additionally, an offline mode reliable access to the word processor conversely Google Doc can create a chaos when the Google server is down and you can’t access your cloud-saved files certainly it does have an offline mode connectivity but that is also not entirely obtainable all the time, in such circumstances Microsoft Word lands to rescue. Google Doc has a variety of templates and friendly user interface instead Microsoft Word lacks in the template section but scores equally for friendly user interface and highly for tons of features.  Moreover, Microsoft Word can let you customize your layout according to your preference and frequent use but Google Doc has the standard layout. Saving files in Google Doc and Word App is easy as it automatically saves files and for Microsoft Word Office, you have to manually save a file before any accidental loss of power or hardware failure which is quite impossible.

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Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word Online

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The collaborative element has taken over with the dynamic work environment and Google Doc provides great collaboration via internet access.  On a single document many people can work, edit and save at the same time from anywhere in the world beside that it also tracks the changes made by the editors and save the original text in the comment section with the name whereas, Microsoft Word has no such element but the online Word App has this feature accessible through the subscription and account.

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