How To Setup & Use Google Docs Offline On Your PC, Android, iOS Device?

November 14, 2018

It is a known fact that Google Drive is the best location to store files. Additionally, it gives out the feasibility to access the documents from a smartphone, tablet or any other device. It is this feasible nature that makes the Google drive the best alternative to Microsoft Office while online. Also, the user can easily transfer files from one device to another. Google Drive download is completely free and ensures the data stored is secured. What if you are offline and still wants to access Google docs offline? There are several chances that suddenly the Internet goes down or you might be in a location wherein there is no access to the internet. Fortunately, the Google docs that are now known to be Google drive can be accessed even while offline. So, how to use Google Drive without an internet connection? In this guide, let us look of how to set up and use Google docs offline.

How to Setup Google Docs Offline on PC?

To make use of the offline service of Google drive for PC, you need to activate the feature in prior while you hold an internet connection. Here is how to set up offline mode for Google drive on PC. Check here to know more about The Best Free Alternative to Microsoft Word 2018

Step 1: While having an access to internet, open Google Drive.

Step 2: On the main page of “My Drive”, click on the cog icon located on the top-right.

google docs offline

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Step 3: Select “Settings”. Here there is an option of offline sync. Click on turn on.

Step 4: A new window appears by the name get the stuff done offline. Click on Get the App.

google docs offline

Step 5: Click Add to Chrome. Before doing so, ensure that Google Chrome is running on the latest version.

Step 6: Click Add Extension. Next click on Google Docs tab.

Step 7: Select Enable offline. This enables Google Drive download while in offline.

google docs offline

Step 8: Now, to test the Google Drive sync, discard the internet connection, open Google docs, and click on any one of the documents for Google docs download offline.

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How to Setup Google Docs Offline in iOS and Android?

Now that you understood of how to set up Google docs download offline on PC, let us look further to know more about the process to set up Google Docs offline in Android and iOS platform.

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Step 1: While in Online, Open the Google docs in either document view or list view.

Step 2: Click on the three dots.

Step 3: Tap on Available Offline and enable this feature to make use of the Google docs even while offline.

google docs offline

Once activated, a notification appears at the bottom end of the screen specifying that documents will be kept offline. Whenever you do any edits to the Google docs offline, it is required to reconnect to the internet to save changes to Google drive.

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Editing Files

After activating offline access of Google docs, it takes few minutes for Google docs download. So, it is recommended not to disconnect the connection immediately. Once downloaded, you can find the files in Android or iPhone by tapping on Menu icon next to My Drive. Select Offline to view the details of saved files. Double click on the file to open. On the top end, you will find an “Offline” icon displayed beside the file name.

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