Google Chrome “Never-Slow Mode” For Faster Page Load

February 11, 2019

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is the best web browser around that ensures to have a faster browser experience. Google has always tried its best to render the best features so that none of the users ever face any problem loading the Chrome page. In fact, it is known to be working on several exciting features that let to load the page much faster than before. From the latest news revealed, the search engine giant is likely to introduce an awesome feature called “never-slow mode” for Google Chrome. This will ensure the user to have a seamless browsing experience. This exciting feature is currently in the experimental phase, and will definitely go through several testing phases before making it live to the users.

One of the code commits submitted on the Chromium website mentions about this new feature and is aimed at allocating budget for managing resources so as to speed up the process of page loading. From the flag description that was spotted on Chrome story, it says, “Enable Never-Slow Mode” Enables an experimental browsing mode that restricts resource loading and ” “runtime processing to deliver a consistently fast experience. WARNING: ““may silently break content!”

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Never slow mode

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Chrome New Feature May Cut Down Sluggish Elements For Faster Loading

The report further suggests that this upcoming new Google Chrome feature will not affect the Chrome memory storage, instead, it reduces the sluggish elements on the web pages thus enhancing performance. These elements include fonts, scripts, images, style sheets, and long script tasks. Although this feature seems to be beneficial for the end users, it may result in the web pages with some content removed. Google is working on this never-slow mode and did not share more details about when the feature will roll out for the public. Though there exist several Chrome extensions that aim in providing the same benefit, still it is better to have an integrated mode that does a better job to push up the browsing speed. For those who are facing the problem of slow loading web pages, it is quite good to know about the Google Chrome “Never-Slow mode”.

Chrome Never slow mode

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Apart from boosting up the browsing speed, Google is even focusing on to make Chrome more secure. It will soon roll out a feature that will flash warning for all those look alike URLs which redirect the user to the malicious websites. They take up the user name and password and display the content as if in the original website. Google Chrome will identify such phishing attacks and allows to have a secured browsing experience. Though getting such a feature is quite advantageous, it will increase memory usage than other popular web browsers. However, one would definitely be ready to sacrifice memory for the sake of having a secured and faster browsing experience.

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