12 Most Useful Google Chrome Flags

October 30, 2018

The most popular browsers of the available web browsers over the Internet world is Google Chrome. Though it is not so efficient in terms of overall performance, still it is a pretty much capable browser with all those hidden tricks. It is loaded with plenty of features that are tucked away behind Google Chrome Flags. Now, its time to learn about Google Chrome and the Chrome flags settings to enable the feature. This would definitely help out to enhance the performance of the web browser. Here are some of the most useful Chrome flags that you must try to enable on your mobile phone, PC or laptop. Before making use of any Chrome flags, let me tell that typing in Chrome://flags will give out the list of all Google Chrome flags. Just make the necessary Google Chrome flags enable and see the difference yourself.

Material Design MakeOver

The most popular Google Chrome flags that bring in some material design elements to Chrome is Material Design makeover. Change the complete design including the bookmarks, history page, extensions and more.

google chrome flags enable

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Smooth Scrolling

Make your scrolling experience on the web page nice and crisp by using best Google Chrome flags enable. While the default settings will enable this flag, but making different Chrome tabs open reverts it to a clunky scroll format.

google chrome flags enable

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Tab Discarding

Almost every one us will try to save up some memory so as to ensure better performance of the system. But, if you are opening up multiple tabs but aren’t using all of them will definitely consume memory. Conserve some memory by enabling automatic tab discard that will discard tabs that aren’t in use. They just remain asleep and becomes active only after you click on them.

google chrome flags enable

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Quickly Mute Tabs

Trying to find the tab in which there is the auto-playing video is quite a tough task. Google Chrome is making it easier for you with the tab audio muting. Enabling this flag will display a speaker icon on the tab, right click on the icon and select Mute Tab.

google chrome flags enable

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Enable Password Generation

To ensure security, it is mandatory to make use of strong passwords. Here comes the need of a password manager tool that can automatically create and save passwords. After the Google chrome flags enable, just right click on the password field to find generate password option.

google chrome flags enable

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Enable Scroll Anchor Serialization

For all those stable releases of Google Chrome, the company pushed out Scroll Anchoring that ensures to read a web page without interruption from additional elements. Restore the position you were in using this must-have Google Chrome flag.

google chrome flags enable

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Single Click Autofill

To speed the process of form filling, just enable Single-Click autofill. Enabling the flag will reduce your task of typing by bringing up autofill data.

google chrome flags enable

Enable Mark Non-Secure As

For those secured websites, Google Chrome uses a green padlock icon, but there is no color fill to resemble an insecure connection. Just set the Google Chrome flag Mark non-secure as to the sensitive setting, Always Mark HTTP as actively dangerous to display non-secure context in red color.

google chrome flags enable

Enable HDR

Make use of the latest technology by enabling HDR. It ensures to display rich colors by increasing contrast.

google chrome flags enable

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Fast Tab Close

Google Chrome always had an issue in closing tabs especially when multiple tabs are open. Get rid of the issue with this Google Chrome flag enable which can close the tab at a faster rate than before.

google chrome flags enable

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Automatic Password Saving

There is no need to have a password manager to save all those passwords. Enable password saving option on your browser to quickly save passwords.

google chrome flags enable

Extension Toolbar Redesign

Bored of the same old design? Enable this Google Chrome flag to redesign extension toolbar. If you have a lot of extensions involved, then this flag will put it far right side of the Omnibox.

google chrome flags enable

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  • Google chrome is the most useful browser now a days it is far better than any other browser in smartphones and pc. i prefer google chrome for all my browsing purposes and no other browser provides features like google chrome and i am very glad to know more about Google chrome flags and how to enable them.

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