How To Get Refunds For Steam Games

February 7, 2019

The Steam refund system was introduced by Valve back in 2015 and since it has made the purchase on digital game experience hassle-free. This policy of Steam refunds allows you to make a purchase with confidence. In case you find that it didn’t work or is not going according to plan then just raise a refund request for Steam games to get back your money. A steam Refund request can be placed for any reason and for any sort of purchase. Either it can be your system not supporting hardware requirements, or if you buy the game by mistake or maybe you just didn’t like the game. The reason doesn’t matter! If it is a valid reason and meets the Steam game refund requirements then refund is not an issue from Steam.

Conditions To Get Refund From Steam

When talking of the refunds for Steam games, you need to keep in mind certain caveats. Even though you have placed a refund request and played the game extensively, still there are certain cases wherein you will not be able to get the amount paid.

Steam games refund

– Firstly, you will need to place a refund request within fourteen days of purchase and should have been played less than two hours of duration.
– Though there is no limit of how many refunds requests you place, still if the server finds too many Steam games refund request then you will receive a mail with a warning.
– In case you have purchased a game as a gift, and want a refund, the request for refund should be placed before gifting the item.
– If you find that the refund request is declined initially, then there is a scope to place a request again for the same game. There is every chance for the Steam to change its mind and issue a refund.
– The refund for the game items such as loot boxes might not be possible as these are purchased directly from the game developers rather than Steam game client.
– If you want a refund because of the VAC then you are out of luck.
– There is no way for the refund of Steam video purchases.

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How Steam Refunds Work?

Step 1: Login to the Steam account and navigate to the Steam help page. You can find this tab near the top of the screen.

Steam games Refund

Step 2: This page displays the list of options to choose from. For Steam game refunds, select the option “Purchases”.

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Steam Games Refund

Step 3: Now, you will be redirected to list of games that you have purchased. Click on the game for which you want to place a refund request.

Step 4: Once you select the game, it displays the list of options that specify the problem with a purchase. Select a particular reason why you are requesting a refund. These options include “I would like a refund”, or “ GamePlay or technical issue” or even select “I purchased this by accident”.

Step 5: Now, the support system, before initiating the refund asks whether they need any help to fix the technical issue. If you are sure that you need a refund then just click on “I’d like to request a refund”.

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Steam Games Refund


Step 6: The support team will check if you are eligible for a refund or not. In case you are eligible for a refund of steam games then select a particular payment method through which the refund should be done. This can be either the steam wallet card or the original payment method.

Step 7: If you are not eligible for Steam refunds then the system responds with a message that refunds are not provided in the current situation.

Step 8: Click on “Submit request” to proceed with the refund.

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Steam Games Refund

After submission, you will receive an email from Steam support team specifying that the refund request has been received. Once the refund is done, another mail will be sent saying the purchase is now refunded to your wallet. Normally, the Steam refund request gets processed within a few hours of request.

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