Gear VR vs Oculus Go: Whats The Difference?

June 6, 2018

Looking forward to enter the world of VR? Then here are two best VR headsets that are sure to render overall best VR experience. Yes! Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go are two prominent VR headsets in Dubai loaded with impressive features. So, while selecting between these two, it is quite important to understand how both headsets differ from each other? Here, let us compare every feature in detail thus making it easy for you to select the best that suits your needs. Let’s explore further to understand each VR headset features.

Design and Display

When seen at a first glance, both the VR headsets look almost identical. But after a deep look, we can identify that Gear VR is a bit larger than Oculus Go. The Gear VR in Dubai has its own hardware internals and accommodate a room to stuff a phone into the headset. On the other end, the Oculus Go is more compact and is much lighter. Weighing around 466gms, the Oculus Go in Dubai is lighter than Gear VR at 503gms after inserting the Samsung Galaxy S9. If you try out weighing the headset with Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus then it may weigh even more. While carrying a portable headset, the lighter the headsets is, the easier to carry around. While the Gear VR require you to wear glasses, the Oculus Go comes in with a different idea of using a prescribed lens.


Despite not having glasses, you can still be able to experience everything. Plugging the Gear VR headset to the compatible devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, Note 5 and more, gives you access to several range of VR games and apps. As for the display resolution, the Samsung Gear VR delivers 1024 X 1024 resolution and Oculus Go display features 2560 X 1400 resolution thus delivering great visuals. As the name suggests, Go features advanced technology to offer great image quality.

Audio Quality

One of the important aspects to consider while comparing two high-end VR headsets is image and audio quality offered. While the Samsung Gear VR audio and image quality completely depends upon the Smartphone that is inserted with. The Oculus Go makes use of an integrated speaker system thus delivering great sound effects. It even facilitates with a 3.5mm headphone jack and there is an inbuilt mic system that lets you have a chat with other VR headset users.


Choosing a VR headset means, you need the one that can render great battery life. Though Gear VR renders a better image and audio quality, it still offers lesser battery life. It gets easily drained off, so you always need to carry a portable charger to enjoy the benefits of Gear VR. On the other end, the Oculus Go features an internal battery that is efficient enough to render more battery life with a single charge.

Hardware and Software

On the software front, both the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go maintains the same software. As Oculus runs the software on both the devices. Though it is the same Oculus that runs the software, still there exist few differences. When compared to Samsung Gear VR headset, the apps and access to games is a bit low in Oculus Go. Talking about its performance, it is quite hard to compare as both headsets excel in different perspectives. Considering the memory storage, Oculus Go features two storage options 32GB/64GB. There is no microSD slot to expand the storage further. As for the Samsung Gear VR, the memory depends on your phone and another advantage is Samsung phones have microSD slot thus making up good space to store games and apps.



Another pretty important factor to be considered while choosing between the two is the price. This is where Samsung Gear VR grabs the shield as it is given out for free with a new Samsung mobile phone. While taken separately, the Gear VR price in UAE will be around AED 404. This is one of the cheapest headsets in the market. As for the Oculus Go price in UAE, it is little bit pricey option at AED 734. However, the price is really worth to pay for as you get a stand-alone headset dedicated only for VR.


From the above discussion, it is quite clear that both the handsets carry impressive features that make it compete with each other. While the Oculus Go is portable enough to roam around and offers best phone battery, thus letting you have the best experience ever. On the other end, Gear VR is nowhere less than Oculus Go. Still, it is not a better option especially while travelling. Oculus Go is good for everything thus rendering great VR experience. As for the pricing, Samsung offered the Gear VR as a complimentary gift when upgraded to Samsung phone. Oculus Go is a bit pricey option than Samsung Gear VR. Despite having higher price tag, Oculus Go is worthy to pay for rather than Gear VR considering its features, image quality, hardware and software internals.

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