Best Games Like PUBG Mobile For Android and iOS (2019)

December 22, 2018

Since 2017, PUBG has gained huge popularity and now holds around 5 million active players around. It is one of the most played battle royale game, especially on the Android and iOS platform. Surprisingly, after the invention of the PUBG c7.0, users started to experience a bit slower gameplay. This made the people look out for other alternatives for PUBG mobile for Android and iOS. There is no doubt that PUBG features users with excellent battleground to play, but still for those looking out for the games like PUBG mobile for Android and iOS, here is the best guide for you. We have listed out some of the best games that feature PUBG like graphics and work with the same goal to kill the rivals and survive till the end of the game. So, let’s move on to find some best PUBG alternatives for Android and iOS.

Fortnite Mobile

One of the widely popular games that hold some interesting characters and gameplay with graphics is Fortnite Mobile. This popular shooter survival game is available in support for all major platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Nintendo, and Mac. As in the PUBG mobile for android, even it is the 100 player PvP game wherein the player needs to collect weapons in order to kill opponents. So, the last one that survives till the end wins! Though currently, it is not available on Android devices, you can enjoy it on all other platforms. You may even get to see the game on Android in a few days. It is considered to be as a one of the best  games Like PUBG mobile for Android and iOS.

Games like PUBG

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Rules Of Survival

Among all other competitors in this segment, Rules of Survival also joins our list of best PUBG mobile for Android and iOS. While the PC version of this game is an older choice, still the game look and feel is like PUBG and also allows to customize the character according to your interest. Also, go through the quick tutorial that guides you the intricacies of the game. You might even need vehicles to get around the Terrain map. These vehicles include moto boats while in water, trucks, cars, and motorcycles.

games like PUBG

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Knives Out

Another popular choice among the battle royale game is Knives Out. It features decent graphics and is even fun to play even on the low-end devices. The gameplay includes 100 players scattered around in the massive battlefield. So, explore through the map, collect the required weapons, aim and fire. Obviously! As with other games like PUBG mobile phones, the last survivor wins the game. It can be played in three different modes- Duo Mode, Squad Mode, and Fireteam mode. So, plan to have fun with your friends and even make use of the voice chat feature to enhance the gaming experience.

games like PUBG

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Black Survival

Here is another PUBG mobile alternative that works a bit different from all other games specified. It drops you along with nine other players into a single location wherein you need to find weapons, as well get covered yourself so as to escape from enemies from being shot. Also, shoot your enemies around to survive the game until the game ends. Another best part of the Black Survival is you get to explore 22 different areas such as forest, hospital, beach and more. You have to compete for a total of 20 minutes to survive.

games like PUBG

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Free Fire- Battlegrounds

Fight with a total of 45 players and enjoy the twists involved with this best PUBG mobile for Android and iOS game. There will be a time frame of 10 minutes in which you need to survive against your enemies. Test your skills while battling around in the battleground. At the same time also enjoy the impressive visuals and graphics. The player can also make use of the voice chat feature to set a strategy with your teammates.

games like PUBG

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