5 Best Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulators for Android

November 16, 2018

The most portable gaming console that made its presence since many generations are Game Boy Advance. Though it has been a long time, still we love to play the old classic games. Irrespective of the technological advancement, the old school gaming is never forgettable. As Android smartphones take up a major part of life, it is inevitable that Android owners would love to play their old favorite games on their smartphone. As with the maturity of the Android platform, we got to see very few good game boy advance emulators that are worthy enough to download. So, here we will discuss some of the best GBA emulators for Android. These emulators are feature rich and will definitely enhance the gaming experience.


One of the incredible and feature-rich game body advance emulator to download is GBA.emu. Though there exist both free and paid versions, you may not find much difference as they function identically. And it is the open-source emulator so you will definitely see regular updates thus improvising the overall experience. Apart from including numerous features, GBA.emu emulator also works in portrait or landscape orientation of the phone. Being so space conscious this application doesn’t play .gba files. This allows uploading more ROMs without killing up hard drive space.

game boy advance emulator

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John GBA

Though the name sounds a bit weird, this is one of the most popular game boy advance emulator to download. It includes plenty of new features and even is known to keep the things simple thus allowing everyone to access it with an ease. It boasts several in-built cheats as well as different options that can enhance rendering. And another important feature to talk about is Dropbox. Sync and configure the data on the cloud so that the user can access and continue playing even from another Android smartphone.

game boy advance emulator

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Classic Boy

The best free GBA emulator that not only features edit controls but also renders its support to external joysticks is Classic Boy Gameboy emulator. Interestingly, this is not made by the developers and packs in several fun features to talk about. It is, in fact, an all in one app that gathers several other emulators at one place including SNES, Game Boy Advance, NES, PS1 and more. There even exists a paid version that adds in a few extra features.

game boy advance emulator

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My Boy!

The fully featured game boy advance emulator that is available to download on the Android platform is My Boy. It works on almost all smartphones ranging from low end to high-end handsets. This emulator holds the capability to easily emulate everything such that it makes you feel as if playing on a real gaming console. Have your favorite GBA games download and enjoy the game with this simple Gameboy emulator. Also, hook up the emulator to any other controller like Xbox controller to enhance the gaming experience.

game boy advance emulator

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Rather than calling the RetroArch as the best game boy advance emulator, it is best considered as a unified application that lets to interact with other Android GBA emulators. It makes use of the Liberto development interface and cores which you can install. Each core that you install is a video game emulator. Download it now to play all of them using a single app. Though it doesn’t have an exclusive feature, the higher compatibility rate makes it to the list of best GBA emulators. Moreover, it is totally free to download and is free from ads. As it is a bit complicated than other interfaces, you need to know how to use it.

game boy advance emulator

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