Samsung Galaxy F Foldable Phone will be 1st Folding Phone

August 2, 2018

The long-rumoured Samsung Galaxy X is again in news and this time it is speculated to have a different naming series as Samsung Galaxy F. Since many years it is rumoured that the South Korean giant is working on the foldable smartphone. The latest report suggests that Samsung might be introducing the Samsung Galaxy F and the alphabet be abbreviated as foldable. This is not the first time the Samsung Galaxy F series smartphone came into existence. We got to hear about Samsung working on premium smartphone series with the same naming series since 2013. Apparently, this phone is now claimed to be for the gaming enthusiasts which will indeed come to reality. Though the Samsung Galaxy F doesn’t seem to be as exciting as the Samsung Galaxy X, several hints suggest it to be the first commercial foldable Samsung smartphone. It will definitely be a high-end smartphone with impressive specifications thus giving out a great experience especially for gamers.

Samsung Galaxy F Release Date

But, when the Samsung Galaxy F release date will happen is still a mystery and only time can answer this simple question. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the Samsung Galaxy X rumoured specs and more details about the Samsung foldable smartphone. Also look for the another most anticipated handset in the Note series, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that may appear in an unpacked event on August 9.

Samsung Galaxy F

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Samsung Galaxy F News and Rumors

With this recent news of the most anticipated handset Samsung Galaxy X not having a foldable OLED display, but in fact focusing on gaming, left the Samsung fans in confusion of what Samsung is really planning for? Another news suggest that Samsung is still in works of foldable phone with flexible OLED display but will launch with different name Samsung Galaxy F. So, if rumors are to be true, then we could probably see two high-end smartphones entering the market- Samsung Galaxy X and Samsung Galaxy F. While Samsung Galaxy X is for gaming enthusiasts, the Samsung Galaxy F will be a foldable phone that many of us are waiting for many years. As usual, it rumours need not be taken seriously until we find a strong point that supports the statement. Rather the Samsung Galaxy X, It seems to be a more appropriate name for the Samsung foldable smartphone. Also, read about other upcoming foldable smartphones in UAE.

Samsung Galaxy F

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Samsung Galaxy F Price

Talking about the Samsung Galaxy F price, though it is too early to predict, still we can expect it to be around AED 4407 which is nearly the same cost as other high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Apple iPhone X. Even the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is rumoured to have the similar price tag. There is no information of what the Samsung Galaxy X price will be, but being a high-end handset we can assume it to carry nearly the same price. Before the Samsung Galaxy F release date, we will get to hear more leaks that may let us understand more details about the upcoming Samsung smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Swing With 52MP DSLR Camera features.

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