Free Visio Alternatives 2019

March 14, 2019

Microsoft is well-known to feature different varieties of software applications that can change the complete working scenario. Microsoft Visio is one such software that lets to create diagrams and flowchart so as to represent the information. This drawing application is a powerful app that serves different purposes. However, the main functionality is to represent the information in the form of diagrams, flowcharts or in another structural graphical format. Interestingly the app easily gets integrated with other applications such as Powerpoint and other Microsoft Office documents thus making it easy for sharing. Microsoft Visio comes in two editions- Standard and Professional. Though both the editions share similar user interface, the professional edition gives out additional templates. It costs around $200 to enjoy the Microsoft Visio advanced features. Despite being the expensive option, the Microsoft Visio is known for its excellence in creating flowcharts and diagrams. For those who don’t use the application often, may require free Visio alternatives that serve the same purpose. So, here we have listed out some of the best free Visio alternatives to try out in 2019.


The perfect and free Visio alternative to prefer in 2019 is Lucidchart. The drag and drop feature in the application allows drawing almost any kind of diagram. At the same time, the user can create own diagrams by working in collaboration with other teammates. Another interesting feature of the Lucidchart is the ability to import/export Microsoft Visio VDX files with ease. All you need is to sign in to the app to start using this drawing tool.

Free Visio alternatives

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The app that carries the annoying name still features a lot of utility is Creately. As with all the remaining Visio alternatives, even the Creately free version offers limited features. The premium version is offered for just $5 per month with additional benefits. In return, you get a rich diagramming tool that offers numerous shapes, lines, templates, and colors. With the tools provided, Creately allows creating impressive diagrams, flow charts and process flows. It also has a Mac desktop client that allows to draw offline and at the same time sync changes when you go online. To get things done instantly, you get access to thousands of templates.

Free Visio alternatives

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One of the great diagram tool to look forward after the Visio is Gliffy. This powerful free tool makes use of the HTML5 in order to create required diagrams and operates within the browser. Interestingly, this application is compatible with all the web browsers including Safari. Its wide range of tools and options makes it easier to create diagrams. These options also speed up the entire process. There is even an option to share read-only files on social media. It comes even in the enterprise edition that is quite useful for the professional purpose.

Free Visio alternatives

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Pencil Project

Another best open-source Visio alternative that is maintained by the development community is the Pencil Project. As the name suggests, it is a simple chart making service that allows users to make modifications or improvements with ease. The only thing that it lacks in is, it doesn’t come up with a web-app. Despite the app lacks in the features such as cloud saving, you can still access documents and other files from your PC or laptop. With the regular updates, the Pencil Project is given with new stencils, templates and other features that make it a wise option. Since it features a simple interface, the app is the best option both for the newbies and experts.

free Visio alternatives

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ASCIIFlow Infinity

For those looking for the simple tool that is instantly accessible, ASCIIFlow Infinity is the wise option to choose from. The interface is clear enough and the user can use all those familiar Windows shortcuts to quickly edit and change diagrams. In order to make things clear, there is even an option to format the boxes from ASCII to lines. Also, sync all the data with the Google drive to access it from any location.

Free Visio alternatives

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