10 Best Free Shooting Games For Android 2018

November 26, 2018

Love playing games on Android smartphones? Then, the most exciting and popular genres that everyone would be interested to try out is shooting games. If you are a gamer, then you must probably have tried playing a shooting game. Online shooting games are of great value, adventure and add in an extra level of fun. Thanks to the powerful graphics implemented that make the shooting games for kids interesting than ever. Android platform is flooded with numerous free shooting games to choose. And every month, we find new shooting games being updated to attract gamers all around the world. With the huge options available, if you are confused about which one to try out, then continue reading the guide to find the list of best free shooting games available in the market.

Critical Ops

Thanks to the graphics and gameplay of this online shooting game that made it top the list of best free shooting games. Critical Ops demands the tactical skills along with the reflexes to fight against terrorism. Either fight alone or get an accompany of your friends to fight and bring the city in total peace. Also, there is an option to play as a terrorist or be a part of the anti-terrorism unit. Choose the play mode, select your weapons and continue to play.

free shooting games

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Cover Fire

Probably, the most good looking around in the market is Cover Fire. This action game comes in with a great level of graphics thus making it a wise choice to play it offline on Android. Choose from the multiple characters around along with the weapon. Each character and weapon that you select has a unique capability that makes you battle in various situations. Build a strategy to fight against the enemy and also need to control the action of a soldier.

free shooting games

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Mad Bullets

The crazy and fun shooter game to try out on Android is Mad Bullets. This wackiest online shooter game is claimed to hold the easiest controls ever on any platform. The craziest characters in the game will put your reflexes as well as laughing muscles through an intensive test. To play with, it features 3 locations, 200 missions, 50 levels to go through and win 31 achievements. Face the real challenge with this popular game and most importantly games can get around without investing a single penny.

free shooting games

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PUBG Mobile

One of the most popular online shooting games for the mobile port that can be played both with the gaming console and PC is PUBG mobile. Download it now to get into an island of 100 total players. The overall goal of an entire game is to be the alone survivor. Even the mechanics are above average that makes it a wise choice to play on mobile. It is one of the few first-person shooter games that is free to download and has no in-app purchases. Either play alone or enjoy with friends by playing in Duo or Squad mode.

free shooting games

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Dead Trigger 2

Another first-person shooter game to try out is Dead Trigger 2. It is an action based zombie shooter game that is free to play and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It features numerous environments to play with along with the upgradable weapons that get unlocked as you pass through different levels and accomplish missions. It gets regular updates and as with every update, it brings in new content that makes the game more enjoyable than ever. Explore through 15 various environments and enjoy the action in more than 150 gameplay.

free shooting games

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Modern Combat 5

The most popular shooting game around to play on the mobile is Modern Combat 5. Initially, it was a pay once the game and later it was made as a freemium game. The decent graphics included along with the interesting gameplay make it one of the best shooting games for kids to play. Either play in the usual campaign mode or choose the competitive multiplayer mode to go along. Also, choose from one of the six classes to play and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Modern Combat 5

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Get into the wide world with the zombie killing ride along with the variety of enemies that you fight against with variety of weapons. While playing across different missions, you will be in need of different weapons and gadgets to arm yourself. Pass through various levels to upgrade weapons and also to purchase some. As you move along, you have plenty of things to achieve at every step. As for now, users can play in two modes- Campaign and skirmish ops. And, the next update may bring in multiplayer mode. Though the ads are not so visible, you go across several in-app purchases.

free shooting games

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Dead Effect 2

Kill those evil scientists who inflict towards the cruel experiments upon you. Also, fight against zombies, fiendish beasts while on the way in a research spacecraft. The stunning grim visuals of the Dead Effect 2, nice controls, and the immersive gameplay make this version better than its predecessor. This sci-fi shooting game for kids has 20 hours of campaign gameplay and almost 10 hours of a special mission to cover. Play as the main character, use all those tons of gear, weapons, body implants to level up.

free shooting games

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The single-player survival action game that is compatible to play enough with all the major platforms or gaming consoles is Fortnite. This popular battle game mobile version allows the players to engage with or play against PC gamers. It pits up to 100 players to play against in solo, duo, or even up to the four-player squad to check who can survive the longest. In order to eliminate the opponents, the gamer makes use of the melee weapons as well as firearms. There exists several in-app purchases that let to acquire a variety of items, objects, and more.

free shooting games

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Hitman Sniper

One of the unique online shooting games to download on Android smartphone is Hitman Sniper. With over 150 missions to accomplish along with 10 different contracts to negotiate, be ensured to stay entertained all the way long. Have an immersive Sniper experience only with this best shooting game. Get along through different level to unlock sniper rifles, leaderboards as well as some strategy elements. Though not available in free version, still it is an affordable choice for those who love to have an action at a bit slower paced environment.

free shooting games

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