Best 5 Free Photoshop Alternatives 2018

September 18, 2018

Making memories and clicking pictures has become the part of our daily lives. We have indulged the flavor of photography so much that it feels empty if there are no pictures of any event. Whether it’s a wedding or birthday party an album is must for the lively moments.  The beautification element has also roped up with the high definition cameras, which has mostly used by the professionals because of the complications and complexity attached to it. Not everyone can be the master of this art or even some of the lacking in pictures can be edited through the software available. One of the top tools is Adobe Photoshop for editing but as the photography is complicated itself this software is ahead of that.  If you are a beginner you need to learn a lot for this tool but the good news is that you can download free Photoshop alternatives which are also available with the equal substantial features. We are going to discuss the top 5 free photoshop alternatives 2018 which will let you enhance and beautify the images without any stumbling.


Editing is not just limited to the red-eye correction and cropping. There are numerous things which need to be perceived when you focus on the picture lifting. While some are not able to understand perplex of the Photoshop others are in dilemma of the price tag attached to it. In this situation what come to handy are the Photoshop alternatives. Worldwide people are downloading and searching for these incredible free Photoshop alternatives 2018 to modify the pictures into the desired perfection.

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On top of the Photoshop alternatives we have chosen the GIMP, it is very relatable to the Photoshop and yet has no burden on your pocket.  What makes it on the first is that it is expandable via plugins, sustain layers and masks, extremely customizable also fueled up with the advanced filters and transformation elements.  It comes with the pre-installed treasure of the user-created plugins and scripts in which some act as the perfect Photoshop alternatives tools with the high resemblance and functionality.  It is a free Photoshop alternative yet it is compatible with the Photoshop plugins which you can download and use thoroughly without any hassle. Well, not only that it has also a supportive user guide manual to get your hands on.


Photo Pos Pro

The second spot of Photoshop alternatives 2018 is captured by the Photo Pos Pro because of the flexibility and friendly user interface for the beginners. It is not limited to the basic editing tools but this software has also the ultra advance elements for the professionals as well.  Photo Pos Pro offers layers and layer masks, superb clone plus healing brushes. The color refining and batch editing are also available with it to save the time consumption on easy tasks.  It is one of the best free Photoshop alternatives because of all the essential elements of professional editing present in it.



Moving on to the list of free Photoshop alternatives 2018 the third place is been taken by the Paint.NET. This software might reflect the feel of a mild version of the GIMP because of the limited options available but it is simple to use and will allow gaining the expertise in editing.  It has one-click tools and manual options, it also supports layers further also quick to respond.  Well, we know that some of the high-end features of the Photoshop will remain limited to access in the Photoshop alternatives but yet it is a good fulfilling option to fill up the gap without spending a single penny.


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Pixlr Editor

What comes next in the list is Pixlr editor on the fourth spot and interestingly it is a browser-based tool. If you have the full storage or you are on not fond of downloading the software here arrives the solution with Pixlr editor as free Photoshop alternative.  More convenient is that it can be accessed through not only the desktop but from mobile as well in the form of a mobile app. All the Photoshop-style tools are easily available on it including sharpening unsharp mask, blur, noise, levels, and curves plus the artistic filters and automatic optimization options too. The most appealing part is that nothing is hidden behind the paywall.


Adobe Photoshop Express

The last and fifth place is being occupied by the Adobe Photoshop Express in the list of free Photoshop alternatives 2018. It could be said that this is the handy touchscreen light version of Photoshop which is much poised and subtle.  It can be used free from the browser and if you wish to download, the version of that is also available. It is loaded with the minimalistic features to favor the touchscreen usage.  There is also an option of one-click adjustment which automatically enhances the picture. Adobe Photoshop Express is known as an uncomplicated tool because of the no layers, plugins and brush tools.

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  • if you are really planning for an alternative for photoshop tools then try out Adobe Photoshop Express, adobe is the best in softwares and photo editing tools and if the only reason to replace Photoshop is the space it is consuming or if you are feeling more complicated to use , then switch to Adobe Photoshop Express tool its mobile friendly also .

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