5 Free Flashlight App / Torch App For Android Mobile

August 9, 2018

Whether it is a dark night, streets without streetlight or a dim parking lot, there are many situations that demand the need for a handy flashlight to keep safe. Not every situation may support to carry a heavy-duty flashlight. They are quite larger, bulky and is hard to handle. Though there exist mini flashlights, they don’t produce enough light and even get discharged easily. Thanks to the technological invention that made us easier to carry flashlights wherever you go. Moreover, you need not carry an extra accessory that generates light, it is in your Android smartphone. Despite the availability of the LED flashlight feature within the smartphone, there still exists some smartphones that don’t generate enough light. In such cases, you will be in need of third-party flashlight apps to serve your need. Though it is quite hard to sort out the list of the best free flashlight app for Android, still we have listed out top 5 best flashlight apps to choose from. They are available on Google Play store and are completely free to download. Have a look at each of these Torch apps for Android mobile and give it a try yourself.

Color Flashlight

With thousands of users downloading this best free flashlight app for Android every day, the Color Flashlight is the must-have app on your device. This torch app packs in tons of features that make the Color flashlight to top the list of best free flashlight app 2018. With this application, turn your smartphone into an emergency light, police light, disco light or make it a versatile flashlight. It either uses the phone’s screen or the LED flashlight on the rear end of your phone. Never get caught in the dark and find your way when there is a lack of power. Customize the light by choosing different colours. You have the option to choose colour, brightness and add any fun effect on the light. There is even an option to display your personal message with this flashlight for Android. Download the Color Flashlight latest version now to enjoy its features.

free flashlight app

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Super-Bright LED Flashlight

The free flashlight app that can turn the Android smartphone into a flashlight is Super-Bright LED flashlight. It features a different set of options with the clean interface thus making it to the list of best free torch light app for Android. Users have the feasibility to use this flashlight app as a standard flashlight, SOS LED light, and military flashlight. Just a single tap on the torch app can light up the dark area as it is easily accessible from home screen. This handy tool can be controlled from the app page or from the home screen widget. Use different modes available to adjust the frequency of the flash with this best free flashlight app.

free flashlight app

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Brightest Flashlight

The torch app that performs as its name is the Brightest Flashlight. To maximize the illumination, this flashlight for Android makes use of everything that glares, blinks or flashes at once. Yes! Its true, the app has the capability to turn on the backlight, LED light, camera flash, keyboard backlit, and even the notification LED as to attain maximum brightness. Though all this could affect the battery life of the device, still the app tries to achieve the brightest effect with all the available accessories. This torch light app should be of your priority only when you are in need of the full-on brightness.

free flashlight app

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Flashlight- LED Torch Light

Another popular torch app available on the Google Play Store is Flashlight: LED Torchlight for Android. Though this is not the only free flashlight app that can turn a smartphone into torchlight, not all the apps can produce such a bright light. Moreover, it is quite easy to install and it completely takes advantage of LED flashlight installed in your device. With the easy to use interface, the torch app is quite easy to navigate through. Furthermore, it works even on the phones that don’t have any LED flashlight integrated into the mobile hardware. However, unlike other free flashlight apps, even this torch app will not take much battery. So, you need not worry of getting out of power despite heavy usage of this free flashlight app.

free flashlight app

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Tiny Flashlight + LED

With the same built-in features as other best free flashlight app, the Tiny Flashlight + LED has warning lights, Morse tools, and strobe. Just a single swipe on the screen, let you adjust the color of the flashlight from light to dark. You can even modify the brightness of the device along with its color. The unique personalization features make this Tiny Flashlight differ from other torch light app. Download the free flashlight app now to brighten up the dark space or room instantly from your Android phone. Handle the emergency conditions without compromising on the battery life only with the Tiny Flashlight for Android.

free flashlight app

With these best flashlight app for Android, make use of the Android smartphone not only for making calls or browsing, it can even act as a tool that can help you in the dark conditions. Make your Android junk free with these 10 best Android cleaner apps of 2018. Also, enhance the performance of Android device by killing the apps running in the background.

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  • Color Flashlight app is super cool as you can create a complete party mood just with this simple app , you don’t require too much lights and lightning decors .you can easily Turn your phone into a color flashlight, police light, disco light, candle light and led banner.this is one of the best Free Flashlight App / Torch App For Android Mobile.

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