Foxtel Now Review

March 13, 2019

If you live in Australia then it is impossible that you aren’t aware of the wonders Foxtel Now has been able to achieve. Being one of the top Australian internet television service providers, it offers subscriptions to over 60 live channels and over about 1000 videos on demand titles.
At first, its expertise was just limited to television but then the company thought about how much of a dominant role internet is playing in this generation, therefore, they decided to stream the internet since 2013. Here is a detailed review for you to understand for yourself how much of a beneficial one this Foxtel Now would be for you.


You already know that Foxtel offers a huge variety of pay TV channels which means you can easily get a view of the most desirable content –it is all there in the service’s Pop pack. There you will find primo HBO TV shows like Westworld, Game of Thrones. Whether it is you want to binge watch a show or some summer blockbuster/old-school classical movie you want to watch, Foxtel has got it all. You even get access to Foxtel’s suite of local and international sports coverage.

Foxtel Now

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The biggest plus of Foxtel Now is that unlike the iQ3 box subscription, Foxtel Now doesn’t feature any lock-in contracts which give you a choice to cancel Foxtel anytime you want. And of course, you’ll need to cancel before the end of the month to avoid being charged for the next month too.

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Foxtel is a very friendly interface and it doesn’t baffle you with its options and menus. It is effectively easy to sign up and get started. Once you get registered on a Foxtel account, you can then watch content on any two devices at the same time –Smart TV and Blu-Ray, Gaming Console, Computer, Streaming media devices, Smartphones, and Tablets.
All you would need is a strong Internet connection to stream shows (minimum 3Mbps) and enough data on your broadband plan to accommodate for your streaming needs.
Since it asks for no installation price, therefore, anyone in Australia with an Internet connection and compatible device can access it.


Indeed the streaming quality of Foxtel is commendable. It enables the user to stream in 720p High Definition for the first time. You’ll need a minimum speed of 3Mbps to enjoy standard definition streams and a minimum speed of 7Mbps for HD content, when available.


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If you compare the price and packages of Foxtel Now with others, you would definitely lean towards Foxtel.
It offers five starter packs so that you can pick from required Pop and Lifestyle pack for $25 p/month. Each add-on pack incurs an additional monthly fee. With all packs added on, Foxtel Now can cost up to just $104 p/month.
For more information, you can visit their page and get formal know-how about all the packages and add-ons.

Foxel Now

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