Ford Focus 2019 Review

December 17, 2018

For those in Britain, Ford Focus 2019 has entered the market with a lot of changes especially in terms of design, comfort, and economy. Moreover, it features a larger revamped interior along with an impressive advanced technology. Even it includes a new range of engines that are quite powerful and efficient. Keeping all these apart, it is now more fun to drive and easy to live with particularly in Australia. Despite having several other stylish competitors in the front, Ford Focus 2019 has still an extra few cards up to sleeve that makes it a prominent choice. Let us read on further about its design, performance, and pricing through the Ford Focus 2019 review.

What’s So New In Ford Focus 2019 Design?

Talking about the design of the newest entry in the Ford Focus family, we can say that there is nothing similar in terms of design to its predecessor. It is now more classy with grille-less pouty, matured new lights, a simple blade capable enough to act as a LED daytime running light and more. Especially in terms of the cars Silhouette, we can find that Ford tried its best to compete with its rivals like Hyundai i30. Even the six light profile is now no more, it is now replaced with a cleaner look so as to improve rear seat entry/exit experience. Moreover, it is even claimed to be cheaper to make. When seen from the back, you can find it to be almost nearer to Mercedes A class. It is less angular and less self-conscious than previous models. As for the interior, it is now more spacious because front passengers sit a bit away from dashboard thus helps to open up the front of the car. Even the material look and feel is good and the seats are either in cloth or leather.

Ford Focus 2019

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Ford Focus 2019 Focus Performance

The new Ford Focus 2019 is said to get improved crash test performance as it is built on Ford’s new C2 platform. It now gets a better aerodynamics with a spacious interior. In order to give the driver a more human-centric experience, the entire model is now redesigned. Furthermore, it comes in with a adaptive cruise control with stop and go, lane centering abilities as well as speed sign recognition. Also, enjoy several driver assistance features including curve lighting along with the head-up display, cross-traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, post-crash braking assist, and evasive steering assist. Enjoy the feature of wireless charging inside and stay connected with the apps using 8-inches screen. It gets a 1.0-liter three-cylinder Ecoboost engine along with the new 1.5-liter option. The European customers even get to enjoy the diesel engines. Both the 1.0-petrol and the 1.6 diesel engine get the torsion beam suspension. While the 1.5-liter and 2.0 diesel engine get short and long arm suspension.

Ford Focus 2019

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Ford Focus 2019 Price- Does It Really Adds Good Value For Its Price?

Well! If you are still in a thought of whether to spend on the Ford Focus price in Dubai or not! Then let us discuss something more about its features that may help you to take a better decision. Firstly, the new Ford Focus 2019 is now split into five grades. It starts with the trend at AED 95466 and tops out with the Titanium at $126688. However, all these grades are given with the same 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine but come in with a different flavor. The Trend is the entry-level variant which includes 16-inch alloys, electronic parking brake, leather-trimmed steering wheel and 8.0-inches touchscreen with the support of DAB+. Next comes the ST-line that adds in an extra sporty flair with 17-inch alloys. It benefits from the independent rear suspension when compared to other range. Then, we have the Active range that is claimed to be a combo of an SUV style with Ford driving dynamics. Finally, there is a top range called Titanium which is a luxury option with 18-inch alloys as well as includes some refinements especially with the power adjustable seats and a premium audio system. All the versions of Ford Focus 2019 used a decent active safety suite such as lane keep assist, AEB to name a few.

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