Find Out What Google and Facebook Know About You

June 17, 2018

Wondered about how much information does Google and Facebook know about you? Don’t freak out! Here, we are going to let you know everything that these two popular social networking sites have in store with them about your private information. Now the point of what do they do with this information? After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Saga, Facebook and Google users are now more concerned about the privacy online. With over 50 million active profiles, Facebook was able to access several information. One of the web developer posted on Twitter account saying that the tech giants almost know everything that you do in your smartphone either offline or online. Well! Let us see in detail of the information that Facebook and Google store about you.


Have a Facebook account? Then probably, you are thinking of sharing very less private information on the site. Actually! This is not so true. Despite maintaining privacy settings, still, Facebook knows a lot about you. Now, there is an option to download a copy of Facebook data. To download, click on the downward arrow on the top-right corner of Facebook profile and click on settings. Under settings, click on download a copy of Facebook data on the bottom of a menu. Before you download, have a glimpse of what Facebook stores. As we all know, it has access to your contacts and even copies the messages that you have sent over. This even includes the group messages from which you have left. It stores the stickers and photos that are sent through messenger. The likes that you click on the Facebook page is even stored and based on which they display ads. It even stores the login details like from where you have logged in, the device used, time of login and even IP address. They even collect information of what applications are installed, access to your webcam if any, access to the microphone, games you play, photos, videos, music, search history, browsing history, and even the radio stations that you normally listen to. Moreover, Facebook is looking to give out Ad-free experience, but at a cost.



Using an Android smartphone? Then probably your history of contacts, calls and text messages are accessible by Google. As in Facebook, Google even gives you access to archive all the data that they store about you. Google named the tool to download data as Google Takeout. This allows you to archive data either partially or for the full archive. The data includes Gmail, data stored on Google Drive, Google photos, YouTube videos you watched, calendars, chats, music, and more. The feature that many of us probably never knew was, even though you delete the Google account, the information is not really gone. It is still stored and you can download data from Google Takeout archive. Google even stores the sites you have accessed and images that are downloaded. In fact, it stores every interaction of your phone which includes downloading an app, using voice assistant and many more. Google has access to your location thus making it know where you are, what you are doing and even it keeps track of places you have visited. When compared to Android users, iPhone users are quite lucky in this perspective. They aren’t immune to such location tracking. This doesn’t mean that iPhone location cannot be tracked. If you are using the same Google Maps, or any Google account on iPhone while travelling then there is a record of it.


Now that, you got to know what information Facebook and Google have with them about your personal details. Download your personal data information now using the applications to get to know all those details further.
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