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November 20, 2018

The significant software that allows accessing the entire web is a Web browser. Every one of us browses for different needs and we prefer considering the best and fastest browser for Android so as to accomplish the task with an ease. A quick browser app plays a prominent role to ensure having the fastest browser experience and at the same time consumes fewer data. There even exists several lightweight browsers that don’t take enough storage space on the device. Though the smartphone comes in with a pre-installed browser app, these third-party apps hold necessary features to render greater performance. Considering all the features, here we have rounded up some of the best and faster browser for Android that run effectively on any Android smartphone.

Dolphin Browser

Despite the debut of several web browsers, the fastest browser that still remains the favorite for several Android enthusiasts is Dolphin Browser. Its seamless functionality is one of the major factors of being so popular choice. Moreover, it features a simple interface with excellent gesture controls. Download it now to enjoy most unique features including Ad Block, Incognito mode, sidebar, Adobe flash player and more.

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UC Browser

Here is another feature-rich yet fastest browser for Android. Apart from the Android platform, UC browser also supports other platforms including iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, and Microsoft Windows. In order to provide smooth user experience, UC Browser for Android makes use of cloud acceleration and data compression technology. Additionally, it ensures to feature fast downloading speeds and offers many add-ons to enhance the browsing experience.

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Mozilla Firefox

The most familiar web browser of all generations is Mozilla Firefox. Though it is one of the oldest browsers available around, it is still ought to be the favorite choice for many. It is claimed to be the most trusted browsers around the Internet. It features a user-friendly interface and also ensures to provide a secured browsing experience online. It supports several add-ons including AdBlock plus, Speechify, a text-to-speech engine, LastPass manager and many more. Also, supports night browsing mode which can alter colors and reduce eye strain while browsing in dark conditions.

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Google Chrome

The faster browser for Android that is available for free to download on Play store is Google Chrome. With millions of download every day, you can be sure of the effectiveness and security featured by this quick browser. It works the same way as in the PC or laptop. Moreover, it is claimed to save almost 50% of the data which sounds exciting for every smartphone user. Also, to ensure secured browsing, make sure to browse privately in Incognito Mode. Also, change the default language on Google Chrome.

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Opera Mini

Though not so popular as Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, still Opera Mini has been around for many years both on basic phones as well as smartphones. It is said to be the fastest browser around and also saves tons of data. It is a free, lightweight browser that is loaded with all those necessary features. It features an intuitive interface and offers integration protection. You have the feasibility to decide on how the browser should function based on the data savings you require. Customize start page or go browsing on incognito mode, you will definitely fall in love with all those settings that this browser provides.

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