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October 17, 2018

Every one of us loves to have a video chat with our family, relatives, and friends. Considering the need, Apple introduced Facetime feature for its iPhone. Facetime is an ultimate chatting app which has gained huge popularity within no time. Since this official Facetime app is limited to iOS users, what if you want to have a video chat on Android phone. Well! Luckily there exist several alternatives to FaceTime for Android. Importantly, most of them free to use and are free from advertisements. Here let us have a look at some of the best alternatives to Facetime that every Android user must try out.

Facebook Messenger

The app that tops our list of best alternatives to FaceTime for Android is Facebook Messenger. With the app available for many years, Facebook added the video call feature that let to make video calls with an ease. It features a simple interface and is easy to use. Just open a conversation and tap on the video recorder icon that is available on the top right corner to make a call. In case you are worried about storage, there is even a lite version of the Facebook messenger with the same feature.

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alternatives for Facetime

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Google Hangouts

Another best FaceTime alternative that lets to have a video chat with friends and family is Google Hangouts. With the looks similar to Apple Facetime, Hangouts also offer similar features such as messaging, voice calls and video calls. One of the best features of Hangouts is, it lets to have a chat with 100 people at the same time and one can also have a video call with up to 10 people simultaneously. For some Android smartphones, the app comes pre-installed, if not you can easily download it for free from Google Play Store.

Facetime alternatives

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When you think of having a video chat, the first thing that runs our mind is Skype. Released back in 2003, the app is still famous both in desktop and mobile versions. Though the early Android version of Skype was not loaded with many features, the later update on Skype made the user to have a video chat on Android. It supports different bandwidth situations without compromising on the quality of the call. Also, score the call afterward depending on the experience you have while on a video call. While the one-to-one video chat is available on the free version of Skype, it charges subscription fees when looking for multi-user video chats. This is the perfect alternative for FaceTime for Android and is quite suitable for business purposes.  For better performance of device try out these 8 Ways To Free Up Storage Space On Android Smartphones.

Facetime alternatives

So, you need not have an Apple iPhone to have a video call on your smartphone. Choose from these alternatives to FaceTime for Android that does offer enough features and developers are constantly trying to make it more better than Apple FaceTime.

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