Facebook Portal and Portal Plus Price, Specs, Release Date

November 26, 2018

The smart home devices have become a trend, we have witnessed a lot of home assistants in recent time which eventually help us to figure out daily tasks and usual things, these assistants are designed on the merger of technology and digitalization that a robotic assistant at home is quite a necessity but that doesn’t need to be a mobile or moving device yet it could be there at home to sort out your queries and stuff, this formula lead to the innovation of smart home assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home Hub, whereas there is a new addition into this world subsequently Facebook has come up with its own smart home device for its users. The Facebook Portal and Portal Plus in Dubai are the two variants launched by Facebook so let’s have a quick introduction and further dig into the details to understand more about the Facebook Portal Plus in UAE.

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Facebook Portal and Portal Plus

Design and Display:

As we know that the in-home smart displays are fundamentally sophisticated video chat case integrated with the speakers and cameras as far as the Facebook Portal and Portal Plus in Dubai design is concerned, the regular Portal resembles both the Amazon Echo Show and Google Home Hub, with an added speaker placement at the bottom. Furthermore, the Facebook Portal Plus is designed vertically in a tower shape, a camera attached on the top and rotatable iPad screen fixed in the centre.  The regular Facebook Portal renders 10.1-inch 720p screen along with a 12-MP camera, however, Facebook Portal Plus in Dubai features a bigger 15.6-inch display screen of 1080p with the same camera lens, and particularly the size enhancement provides room for the solid speakers than the regular Portal. The overall size of the Facebook Portal Plus is huge about 17.7-inches which almost occupies the space like a 15-inch laptop whereas, the Facebook Portal can fit well into any space because of its reasonable size. With such competition, there are still some users who prefer Google Home Mini Speaker,  Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker and Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Speaker because of privacy concerns as these devices are camera-less, mini and affordable.

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Facebook Portal and Portal Plus

Facebook Portal Plus Specs:

The Facebook Portal and Portal Plus both have the ultimate video and audio quality certainly the picture is fine without any lag but the thing that really sets Facebook Portal devices apart is the enhancement of the smart camera as it has the operative feature and properties that it follows you and keeps you in the frame all the time. Moreover, the featured apps of Facebook Portal Plus in Dubai include Facebook Watch, iHeartRadio, Food Network, Newsy, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube. On the idle form, it serves as a digital picture frame using photos you’ve uploaded onto the social network.  To avail the facilities of Facebook Portal Plus in UAE first you need to have a Facebook account, in addition, each device comes with a plastic camera cover whereas, you can turn the camera and microphone off by pressing the Mute button placed at the top. As per the Facebook claims “calls on Portal are encrypted.” Facebook says “it does not listen to, view, or keep the contents of your Portal video calls and nothing you say on a Portal video call is accessed by Facebook or used for advertising.” Also, the camera face recognition AI functions locally on the device, not on its servers. The basic purpose to design this device is to keep the people in connection and loop, the Facebook Portal and Portal Plus in UAE are manufactured to create the ambience and essence of togetherness even the distance in between are miles, the camera will let you interact with on Portal and non-Portal both friends however you can transform into a character through the filters during video calling as well. Built-in Alexa is there to help for all the queries subsequently the content sharing or music playing is also feasible through this smart home device.

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Facebook Portal and Portal Plus

Facebook Portal Plus Price in Dubai:

The two versions of Facebook Portal has the different price range depending upon the size and display, the10.1 inch Facebook Portal price in UAE is around 750 AED or 200 USD whereas, the 15.6 inch Facebook Portal Plus price in UAE is around 1300 AED or 350 USD.

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Facebook Portal Plus Release Date in Dubai:

The Facebook Portal and Portal Plus have released on 8th November 2018, certainly the shipment and delivery have also started by Facebook.

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