Facebook Planning To Kill Its Messenger App?

April 15, 2019

Lately, the news about Facebook killing its Messenger application is doing rounds all over the internet. Based on the information we have gathered, the social network giant is planning to turn Messenger into the application through which, the timeline of Facebook can be accessed. And it is through the messenger icon the timeline can be accessed, and phone users can see this icon located at the top right corner of the application.

A few images were also published in recent times by one of the popular researchers. And according to these pictures, the social network giant Facebook is almost certain to change the Messenger into an application that can access the Facebook timeline. In addition to this, the researcher also mentioned about the tests of Facebook products like the addition of night mode to the Messenger as well as two-factor authentication without any SMS message to Instagram.


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If this information reaches the users, then the social network company Facebook might take a step back and let the application itself access the chats as well thus, putting an end to the Messenger that users have installed on their smartphones. If this happens to be true, then it is quite beneficial for those users whose devices come with very less internal storage space.

It is a well-known fact that in 2014, Facebook Messenger became one of the must-have apps since it supported chatting exclusively on smartphones, despite the site featuring both the functions till date. Besides, the Facebook app will only allow sending and receiving texts as well as GIF images.

Moving on to the other features, there will be some key features which are going to remain in Messenger. These include transferring images, giving user location, voice calls, games, reactions and many more.

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