Facebook Introduces New Portal For Gaming Enthusiasts

June 13, 2018

It seems like the most popular social networking portal is going big. Considering the craze towards gaming, Facebook recently showed off a new Gaming Creator Page. This page lets the gamers to post any pre-recorded gaming videos. The new portal is the best platform to discover gaming videos.

Addressing the new feature we found a blog post that says “We wish to provide emerging gaming creators with the information they need and the support they require to live stream more easily, so they can grow their communities quickly and focus on developing great content”.

Twitch being the most popular e-sports pioneer to date, it is likely to experience enough pressure with the debut of this new portal. It will definitely yield huge money from the Facebook and YouTube users. The company further revealed that the features included the new gaming creator program will be more advanced than Twitch features.

How to Access the New Gaming Portal?

The portal can be accessed using FB.gg. It further takes the user to the twitch-like page. It further allows the user to drop in the live streaming gaming videos or prerecorded streaming. Facebook explains this as the best gaming video destination for the gamers and creators. Furthermore, the new platform even features e-sports competition along with the content related to the gaming industry and events. Growing interest towards online gaming will make such features go a level up especially from the popular social websites like Facebook. Talking about the new platform, Facebook divided it into five sections. This includes Streams by Game, Live Now, Suggested Streamers, Watched by Your friends, and Recently Live. This allows the user to discover gaming video based on streaming time, followers, pages they like and groups.


Recently, the firm also launched a Level Up program that lets the beginning streamers to build their own fan base and thus make money from fan subscriptions. This new feature is easily accessible to the Level Up members. Through the new portal, Facebook is trying to move towards the e-sports and online gaming sector which is becoming quite popular in the present generation. The e-sports competition makes the top gamers around the globe gather at a similar point and compete with each other over the internet. E-sports is the rapidly growing sector and is expected to reach $1 billion worth from $450 million by next year. This drastic growth towards the e-sports makes it clear that Facebook has made a right move with the new platform towards growing sector.

Gaming creator program lead and product manager says “Many people already watch gaming videos in News Feed, Groups and Pages, and we want to do more to help creators get discovered and reach new fans”.

They describe the Gaming creator program as a gaming video destination which is still in testing phase.

They further described the program in a blog post saying “People will be able to discover gaming video on our new destination based on creators and games they follow, pages they like and groups they belong to”.

Moreover, Facebook even announced the efforts made towards supporting people online to add video game related videos.

Facebook Creators New Feature

“We’re in an experimental phase and will continue to test new experiences, including a feed where fans can explore relevant gaming content, improvements to recommendations, expanded gaming video inventory in more languages and integration of an Instant Games tab on the mobile version of our gaming destination so people can toggle between watching and playing games”

As known, Facebook showcases its plans to focus on this e-sports sector at the E3 2018 press conference. This is the event wherein all popular publishers unveil upcoming games. Even Facebook is likely to be a part of it rendering new games for Facebook. The company is even said to give out an Ad-free experience but at a cost. Also read everything about Facebook Dating Feature. Even the Facebook-owned WhatsApp is getting a new feature. Here is everything about the WhatsApp new feature , How To Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page 2018.

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