Everything About The Samsung Gear IconX 2018 Headphones

January 7, 2018

Samsung is one of the first brands to join the wireless headphones bandwagon. Last year, it released the Gear IconX – a completely wireless Bluetooth earphones that has not even a single wire connecting the earbuds, just like the Apple’s AirPods. Now, we have the latest edition of the Gear IconX earbuds in Dubai and UAE with some new changes to it. Let us see what’s new in the product.

Discreet Style & Design:

The Samsung Gear IconX 2018 in Dubai looks quite familiar with the last year’s model. Compared to the Apple’s AirPods, there are slightly bigger yet light. These are offered in three colors, which are Gray, Pink and Black to select from. Unlike the previous models, this edition doesn’t have the contrasting accents but a uniform color scheme. It carries the same plain exterior with subdued overall appearance.


Fit & Comfort:

Samsung offers this accessory in three different ear gel and ear hook sizes to select from. Well, this is an advantage as you can choose the best fit among the choices available. Usually, the earbuds come with a tight-fitting, which keeps them firm and prevents slipping out from your ears, especially during workout sessions. Each earbud is available with a built-in control pad, which lets you slide or tap to control different functions.


Battery & Charging Case:

Interestingly, the carrying case of the Gear IconX itself is a charger for the accessory. The case features a button at the front, which opens the lid. While the two lights at front act as the battery indicator by turning from red to green to indicate the full charge. The rear side of the case has another button used for turning on Bluetooth visibility for pairing with compatible devices. This accessory is supported with fast charging, which assures an hour of battery life with just 10 minutes of charging in the case.


Other Features:

The Gear IconX 2018 price in UAE is rather reasonable yet packs in some finest features. Samsung offers it with almost 4GB onboard memory, which lets you save your favorite tunes. It has impressive audio quality, while the tight fit further allows for better clarity and listening experience. In addition, these headphones also keep track of important data such as burned calories, walking or running distance, and workout time. Furthermore, it syncs the available data with the Samsung Health app on your smartphone and gives timely alerts.


The Samsung Gear IconX 2018 headphones are indeed a good choice for accessories. For more details about this kind of accessory, check out the 5 best wireless headphones to buy in UAE to make the best buy.

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