Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Watch Series 4

February 2, 2018

Apple Watch Series 4 is speculated to be the next smartwatch from the brand after the Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch 3. This is rumored to enter the UAE market sometime in September this year. We definitely expect something better from this model as the brand is mainly known for its ever-evolving and advancing technology. Some alternatives for this watch include Motorola Moto 360, Huawei Fit sport watch, Sony Smartwatch 3 and a few others.

Hence, let us give you details of the Apple Watch 4 that we have gathered so far.


A recent report mentioned about the Apple’s plan of renewing the OS and the watchOS 1 apps will not be available the coming year. Previously, the brand has also stated about the performance issue of older software. The previous versions of the OS, however, received major improvements. But hopefully, the watchOS4 might be something better and advanced than all the previous versions. There is news of the company to upgrade its AI system as well for this much-awaited device.



This upcoming device is likely to carry much-improved features than the previous models. Some sources state that it will get an electrocardiograph or EKG heart monitor to identify and prevent any heart irregularities like heart strokes and attacks. The strip of the Apple Watch Series 4 might equip this EKG technology. In addition, rumors also state that the Apple Watch 4 will pack in background modes to record audio, navigate and make direct connections to accessories using Bluetooth. And, we might see a new radio system with better functionality, easy access to music tracks and direct LTE streaming to compatible Apple smartwatches. Some speculations also indicate that it would feature the Face ID, but there’s a need to work much on this before it really comes out.


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Health & Fitness:

Another interesting feature we can expect from the Apple Watch 4 UAE is its health tracking apps. This specific aspect would be probably of great significance in the device. The company is said to be seriously involved in offering much advanced health-related apps while improving the device’s functionality.


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Circular Display & Self-Adjusting Strap:

According to the sources, the Apple Watch 4 will likely get a self-adjusting strap, which will further add to the user’s comfort. On the other hand, it will mostly sport a circular display with better screen resolution, color, and exposure. Other popular smartwatches such as Moto 360 2 and Huawei Watch 2 also sport a circular and digital display screens.

Battery & Compatibility:

Apple is probably planning to make this compatible with both iOS and Android devices too in order to make it a flexible performer. In terms of battery, we can definitely hope for an enduring battery for this model that would last for maximum three days on a single charge.


There is still no confirmation about the Apple Watch Series 4 price in UAE. But when it comes out, it might be priced around AED1208 for the 38mm model, while the other versions might come at a slightly higher price than this.

So, this is some of the information we provide you with the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4. A smartwatch will be a perfect device especially if we use it for improving our health and fitness levels. If you want to know about this, read the 7 ways to get fit using the Apple SmartWatch and Samsung Galaxy Watch Release Date 2018.

Apple is all set with its new apple ios 11.3 beta 3 in its upcoming smartphones.

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  • Apple watch 4 series is really amazing ,most updated version of smartwatches.i was amazed to know about sensors used in this gadget,you can actually track each and every activity and workouts everything with apple watch 4 series.not only that you can actually generate a ecg report with this amazing smart gear watch in just few scrolls and clicks.

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