How To Enable Dark Mode For Google Chrome

February 10, 2019

Google is in works for several months in creating a dark mode for Google Chrome. We are not sure when the company introduces this mode for the Chrome browser. It is even true that we can’t wait that long for just to get in a dark theme as in Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. It is just a matter of a few clicks that can let us have a dark theme experience on Chrome. Currently, the native dark mode of Google Chrome is in the testing phase and is available only through the Google Chrome Canary Project. For those who are unaware, Google Canary is a test version wherein Google tests all those new features before releasing the final version. Though it is a handy tool to try with, there is every chance of having bugs as it is a test version. So we would not recommend to make it on the main browser, especially if it contains sensitive information.

Method 1: Enable Dark Mode For Chrome On Windows 10 Using Canary

Step 1: Download and install Google Canary on your Windows PC or laptop.

Step 2: Right click on the desktop icon to select properties. Now, in the target location, after a single space type, –force-dark-mode. This should be written after \Chrome.exe”

Step 3: That’s all! Next time whenever you open Google Chrome, you will experience dark mode.

If in case you want to revert to the default theme, then just remove the extra content written in the target location. Though this is not the exact theme that you will experience in the final version, still it gives you a feel of using dark mode on Windows 10 for Chrome.

Dark Mode

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Method 2: Apply Dark Theme On Google Chrome

If you don’t want to risk trying dark mode with the Google Canary, then there is an option to try out Google Chrome user-created themes that can be downloaded from Chrome web store. In order to get a dark theme interface, it requires you to install a dark theme. From the huge collection of dark themes, you can choose the popular one in the store. For instance, Morpheon Dark is quite popular as it features enough amount of contrast between the active tabs and inactive tabs. Using this theme, the tab bar, title bar, toolbar, and New tab gets dark. In case, you want to switch back to the default theme, then go to menu-→settings. Under themes option, select “Reset To Default”.

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Dark Mode

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Method 3: Get Dark Theme For Entire Web Browser

While the user-created dark themes, just change certain parts of the browser to dark, there is even a chance to apply the dark theme for the entire browser. In order to do so, install dark reader extension for the Google Chrome. Though there exist several other dark mode extensions, we prefer to use the dark reader as it is capable enough dark style to every part of web page. In order to adjust the level, click on dark reader button available on the toolbar. Using the same button, you can even disable dark mode for that website.

Dark Mode

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