Effect of Technology on Human Psychology

April 11, 2016

Technology is developing rapidly, especially in the field of Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, and now Smart Watches. New and improved solutions are being introduced to the world almost on a daily basis. It’s constantly beckoning us to come forth and embrace it wholeheartedly. It hogs our attention most of the time, and slowly turns us into a smitten zombies. And a zombie we’ve become, what with our emotions getting sapped from us, and our psychology taking the hit, by technology itself.
A prime example of the same is when we witness an accident and there’s an injured man lying on the road. Our first instinct is not to help the man, but it is to record the events with our phone, to post it on social media or share it with others. Sadly, waiving a phone in a bleeding man’s face is not something we think twice over anymore. Because our prime concern is to capture (so-called) good-quality content before it’s too late.

Other examples of our psychology inadvertently getting negatively affected by technology are,

♦ Lack of Confidence

As we turn to technology to connect with others, personal interaction is next to nil. Eventually, we shy away from doing so as we no longer have the confidence to interact with them face-to-face. Online, we can portray ourselves in a whole different manner as it’s easier to communicate when we can’t physically see a person, or witness their reaction. Plus, we get to think over our words carefully before putting it out there. We can’t do that in the real world, hence our social skills take a blow. And, our confidence circles the drain.

♦ Low Self-Esteem

We can create a whole new person online, in terms of our appearance, our mindset…basically, everything about us. We can create perfection. But the problem arises when we have to finally show our true self outside our online shell. We start worrying about being judged, and if we’ll be accepted for who we really are.

♦ Isolation

We isolate ourselves, probably not physically, but mentally. Even when we’re around people, we tend to get lost in our phone or tablet, oblivious to the others. We drift off into our own little world, completely removed from our surroundings.

♦ Easily Distracted

Technology has us very distracted all the time. Even when having a conversation with someone, we can’t resist the urge to constantly check our phone, whether there’s a call/notification, or not. This is also physically harmful, as some people try to cross busy streets with their nose glued to their screen. Or, on a lighter note, try chopping vegetables and watching a video on the tab, at the same time. It’s just asking for trouble.

♦ Stressed Out

Nowadays, it’s a known fact that almost everyone has access to the Internet…a fact that companies use to their advantage, when they need their employees to work on something before or after their work timings. We can’t use “no internet” as an excuse anymore, as even our local coffee shop will provide us with it, along with a nice cup of java. Technology has its perks, but sometimes we miss our happy, carefree days, when we were completely unplugged.

♦ Sleep Deprived

With the infinite entertainment solutions that technology provides, sleep deprivation is rampant. And with sleep deprivation comes crankiness, easy irritability, slow brain functionality, depression, forgetfulness, and a tendency to worry over nothing.

♦ Aggressive Behavior

Extreme aggressive behavior is rampant, amongst video gamers especially. This could be because of the many violent video games that are quite popular amongst kids these days. It could also be because they have complete control of the sequence of events in video games, but in real life they don’t. And that frustrates them. These video gamers are also easily provoked, and have trouble associating with the real world.

Apart from gamers, high levels of aggression could also be due to perverse pleasure, and an urge to exhibit one’s power. This could involve beating up a defenseless individual, or attacking or humiliating someone, recording the events, and posting it on social media, in an attempt to intimidate, and show off.

♦ Disconnected

In spite of the various social media platforms available to us these days, we’re still quite disconnected from friends, family, and loved ones. Geographically we may be closer now, but emotionally not much. We no longer have the time to have a genuine conversation. Nor do we bother to do so, as we feel we’re already up-to-date on their life, owing to social media updates.

♦ Depression

Lack of exercise, overeating, and a decline in physical contact, has resulted in widespread depression amongst the human population. Also, with cyber bullying on the rise, depression and suicides is a common threat now. While bullying used to be restricted to a certain area, now it’s seeped into our personal space with bullies tormenting their victims online. And since it’s easier to be meaner online than in person, cyber bullying can be ruthless.

♦ Addicted

We know we’re addicted to technology, when our phone, PC, video game console, or any other gadget is taken away from us, and it starts to feel like we’ve lost an arm or leg, or any other part of us. We just can’t function properly, or think rationally without it. It’s just as bad as getting addicted to smoking, alcohol, or drugs, with the only difference being, it isn’t killing us slowly from the inside, and almost everyone is guilty of the same obsession.

OK. Don’t get us wrong. We love our technology too. It’s not completely the antagonist in the story. It has its many perks as well. Mainly, by making the world a smaller place, and giving people the opportunity to connect with their loved ones, whenever they feel like. And also being the key to our planet’s growth and development.

If you find yourself relating to most of the negative effects, then it may be time for a self-intervention. Force yourself to have an electronics-free day, every now and then. Disentangle yourself from the invisible binds, keep your gadgets away, look around, smell the roses. You’ll feel free and happy in no time at all.

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