DOCX File: What is a .DOCX and How to I Open it?

October 16, 2018

A DOCX file is a file format in the Microsoft word application that is commonly used to author personal documents, business and academic documents. It is a newer file format that created by Microsoft word and contains formatted text as well as images, and drawn objects. The main difference between the Doc and DocX file is, the Doc files store document data in binary file whereas DOCX using open XML format. This means that it stores documents in a separate file/folders in a compressed Zip package. This structure is created so as to ensure that the content is easily accessible. Well! Since the DOCX file can be opened only in the Microsoft 2007 or later versions, it becomes quite tedious to open when you are not using this compatibility version. How to open DOCX file in such cases? Luckily, there exist several methods that let to open DOCX file with an ease. Now that we understood what is a DOCX file, let us look further of how to open DOCX file.

how to open docx file

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How To Open DOCX File?

In order to open a DOCX file, you need not depend on the MS office software. In the present generation, almost every writing platform is capable enough to open Microsoft word file formats including .DOCX. One such way to open is using the Google Docs. Surprising! But this is true. Just upload the document to Google Drive and open the file in Google Docs. Here, you get the option to “Edit as Google Docs”. Once done with editing, the user can download it again as a .docx file. If required, you can also send email as an attachment. Another option is to download the Microsoft Office Compatibility pack that can open, edit and save in .docx format. There exist several other free word processor programs such as Kingsoft writer, OnlyOffice, OpenOffice writer that can open and edit DOCX files.

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how to open docx file

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How to Convert Docx File?

Though there exist several word processor programs that can let to open the DOCX file format. Still, many people prefer to convert DOCX into Doc or PDF format thus making it easier to access on any Windows platform. In case you don’t have Microsoft Word installed on your PC or laptop, then you can make use of several online document converter tools that convert Docx file into any format. Just double-click on the document and from the file menu select ‘Save As’ option. Give the new file name to the doc file and from the drop-down menu of the ‘Save as Type’ select ‘Word 97-2003 document’ and click on save.

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how to open docx file

This will convert the document into doc format, thus making it accessible even on older versions of Windows. To convert Docx to PDF format, you can use online PDF converters. Select the file that needs to convert, customize it according to your need and click on convert.

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