Different Ways to Open doc File Without Ms Word

November 12, 2018

Almost all PC’s around have MS Office installed. Unknowingly, it has become ubiquitous and people started to rely completely on this software to perform the daily tasks on the device. Especially the Doc files are quite prominent and are the standard format to share documents online. What if in case there is no MS word installed in your PC or laptop? Should you be able to read it? Yes! Even if you don’t have MS word, still there are different ways that serve the purpose of the document viewer. You need not to rely completely on the MS Office platform to open MS word documents. Here, let us check some of the simple methods through that act as a doc reader without MS word.

1. Google Docs

The straightaway solution that serves the purpose of the word document reader app is Google Docs. Google Online suite is quite useful to create and save the document as a DOC. Apart from this, one can even read DOC files that are imported on to the hard drive. All you need to do is head to Google Docs, click on upload to import doc files from hard drive.

doc viewer

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2. Word Online

Here is the best free alternative to Microsoft Office that is compatible enough to read documents of.DOC and.DOCX files without any formatting issues are Word Online. However, to avail the feature of doc viewer without MS word in Word Online, you definitely need a Microsoft account and the file should be uploaded to Onedrive to accomplish the task. Below are the steps to make use of this word document reader app.

Step 1: Go the .DOC or the.DOCX file in File Explorer, right click on it and click copy.

Step 2: Open OneDrive and choose the location wherein the document needs to save. Right-click in that location and paste the document.

Step 3: Open Microsoft Word Online doc viewer tool, Enter Microsoft account login details.

Step 4: On the bottom end, there is an option of Open from OneDrive. Clicking on it should allow you to see a document. In case you are not able to view the document, go to the menu and then files to reach the exact location.

doc viewer

Step 5: Once you find the file, click on it to open and edit the document.

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3. Microsoft Office Word Viewer

Another handy app that lets to view and print DOC files with an ease is Microsoft Office Word Viewer. Though it does not have the editing features, this doc viewer is compatible with almost all versions including DOCX. In case you require to edit the text then you can copy and paste it into another application.

doc viewer

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4. Online Document Viewer

One of the powerful web-based doc viewers that require no MS word to view doc file is Online Document Viewer. This tool is capable enough to view documents of all formats including .docx in a word,.XLS and.XLSX in Excel, .ppt and pptx in Powerpoint. Moreover, it doesn’t demand any active plugins. Just download the application, and upload the required doc file that needs be read online. It even allows to collaborate and share documents with someone who has internet access. Considering the features rendered, Online document viewer is claimed to be the best free alternative to Microsoft Office.

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