Different Methods To Transfer Music From iTunes to Android

January 25, 2020

Want to get out of iTunes and enter into the Android world? But, don’t want to miss out the plenty of playlist in iTunes? Since you are in the iTunes world for plenty of time, you have saved a lot of tunes into the iTunes playlist. We understand that it is sort of a pain to get out of the world and get into Android. Though Apple music management software lets to sync iTunes music to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, you can access music on any device but not the Android. So, users lookout for alternative methods to transfer iTunes to Android. Search no longer! Here we provide you different ways that let to transfer iTunes music to Android with ease.

Method 1: Using Manual Drag & Drop

– On your Windows PC/laptop, open the iTunes application.

– Select the song that you want to transfer over to Android. Right-click to select copy.

– Go to Windows or Mac desktop to create a new folder to drop this selected music.

– Open the folder that is designed and right-click to paste the music. All the songs you want to copy from iTunes are now displayed in this temporary folder.

– Using a USB cable, connect Android to PC. And, when the computer recognizes the device, navigate through the Music folder.

transfer music from iTunes

– Click and drag the required music files from the temp folder created on desktop over to Android Music.

– Disconnect the USB cable, and you will now be able to play the music on an Android device. 

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Method 2: Using Apple Music

Usually, we don’t see iOS apps for Android. However, for those iTunes users who switch to Android, Apple brought in the Apple Music for Android app. It is no free from flaws; it still is the official method to transfer iTunes to Android. To use the service, you will need an Apple ID. Apart from allowing to transfer, it even houses 30 million catalogs of songs. However, it requires a subscription after three months of a free trial. 

– Download Apple Music for Android.

– Open iTunes on your Windows or Mac PC.

– Sign in to the Apple Music on a computer with the same Apple ID as in the iTunes store. – On PC, turn on the iCloud Music library and wait until the update.

transfer music from iTunes

– That’s it! All the music on iTunes is now accessible even from the Android Apple Music app. 

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Method 3: Using Google Play Music

For those looking to access music on multiple devices or save some space on Android, Google Play Music is the best method. Just upload the music from iTunes to Google Play Music to listen to it on Android, iOS, or other web devices. However, this does require an internet connection to access music. Here is how to upload iTunes to Android Google Play Music. 

– Go to Google Play Store from the web browser.

– Navigate through music> My Music > Add Your Music.

– In case you don’t have the browser extension installed, then it prompts to install.

iTunes to Android

– Head to Google Play music in the web browser and hit “Add My Music”.

– Choose the option “Select from your Computer”.

– Later, navigate through the iTunes Media folder.

– Select music from iTunes and click upload.

– Also, you can even drag and drop the music from iTunes to this Google Play Music Window. 

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Method 4: Using Droid Transfer

There exist several third-party apps that allow transferring iTunes to Android. One such favorite app with millions of users is Droid Transfer. This popular tool can sync iTunes music to Android smartphones

– Download and install Droid Transfer on your computer.

– Open free Transfer Companion app on your Android.

– Launch the Droid transfer and sync it with Droid Transfer using WiFI or USB.

transfer music

– On the Droid Transfer, click on music and hit ‘Sync iTunes”.

– Now, click on “Copy tracks to Android”.

By clicking on Sync iTunes, the tool scans both iTunes and Android to check what music is available on Android and whatnot in the iTunes. Accordingly, it makes it easier for you to transfer music and avoids duplicate songs. 

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