Different Methods To Share WiFi Across Multiple Devices

February 13, 2020

Want to share WiFi with your friends instantly? WiFi sharing is one such feature that permits the device to have an Internet connection across different devices. It can be either an Android, iPhone, Mac or PC, sharing WiFi across different platforms is quite more comfortable. This seems to be useful when there is a restriction of usage with a password. First of all, connect your device from which you want to share the Internet to a WiFi network. Turn on WiFi on the device, select the network and type in the password to enter the network. You can now start using the Internet.

What if you want to share WiFi with your friend or connect to another device using the same WiFi network. Here are the different methods to share WiFi across multiple devices. These techniques can help in sharing the Internet connection. Choose the process depending on the device from which you want to share WiFi. 

Share WiFi from PC To Other Device

Have a PC with WiFi connection, and then you can easily share WiFi from PC to any device via email, WebWhatsApp, and more. Below are the steps to accomplish the task. 

– On Windows 10 PC, click on the start menu to choose settings.

– Select Network & Internet > Status > Network and Sharing Center. If your PC or laptop is running on Windows 7 or 8.1 version, then go to the start button and search for the Network→ Network and Sharing Center. 

– Select the desired WiFi network. It directs to the small window display on PC Screen.

Share WiFi

– Click on ‘Wireless Properties’-→ Security.

– Select the checkbox ‘Show characters’. Now, you will be able to see the password to connect to the WiFi network.

– Share the password along with the WiFi network name via email, or WebWhatsApp. Your friend can now use the password on any device to connect to WiFi. 

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Share WiFi From Android to Other Device

Below is the process of sharing WiFi from an Android device to other devices.

– Connect your Android device to the WiFi network.

– On Android smartphone, navigate through settings > WiFi> select particular WiFi network.

– You can now see the option’ Tap to share password’. A QR code displays on the screen.

– Capture a screenshot of the QR code and share it across friends via WhatsApp, email or any messaging app.

Share WiFi

– With the best QR code scanner, your friend or colleague can scan the code to get the WiFi name and password.

– Next, click on ‘Open Settings.’ Mobiles can now be connected to the WiFi network.

So, your friends can use your WiFi on any device such as Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. 

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Share WiFi from iPhone to other iOS Devices.

Follow these simple steps to share WiFi from iPhone to other iOS devices. 

– Make sure that WiFi and Bluetooth on the iPhone are turned on both iOS devices. Personal hotspot needs to be turned off on either of the devices.

– Also, ensure to add your Apple ID to the friend’s contact app.

share WiFi

– Place the device within the WiFi and Bluetooth range.

– Unlock the iOS device and connect it to the WiFi network.

– On other iOS devices, select the WiFi network.

– On your device, click share password and tap on ‘Done.’

share WiFi password

– Your WiFi password is now successfully shared with your friend and can use WiFi comfortably. 

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Share WiFi From Mac to iPhone or Other Mac devices.

Want to share WiFi from Mac to iPhone or other Mac devices, then follow these steps.

– Unlock the Mac device and connect to the WiFi network. Sign in to the Apple ID. 

– Ensure that your friend’s Apple ID is in your Contacts app.

– Get other Mac devices near to your Mac and choose a similar WiFi network on another device.

– Wait until you see a WiFi notification on your Mac device. Click share.

– You have now successfully shared the WiFi password to allow connection on other Mac devices. 

Share WiFi From Any Device to Any Device

Here comes the general procedure to share WiFi from any device to any device. 

– Open the web browser on any device from which you want to share the Internet.

– Check for the sites that can generate QR code for WiFi.

– Fill required details such as the WiFi network name and password. Click on generate.

share WiFi

– Now that the QR code is made for your WiFi network click on Export to save in the png format.

That’s it! Share the QR code across any other device to let others connect to the same WiFi network. Just scan the code on which you need Internet access, and WiFi gets connected automatically without the password. 

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